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Women's Sleepwear

When you browse our women’s sleepwear section online, it feels like you have just stepped inside a virtual giant pajama warehouse. The variety of women’s sleepwear on our website is monumental. Whether you are looking for pajamas, nightgowns, nightshirts, robes, pajama pants, pajama shorts, holiday pajamas, traditional slippers, animal slippers, shower wraps and more, you will find it all in our women’s sleepwear section. So, put on your virtual walking shoes and get ready to walk through our virtual women’s sleepwear warehouse!

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If you are looking for top quality brand pajamas, then search no further. Look in our women’s pajamas section and you will see our selection of Laura Ashley for women. We also carry Laura Ashley chemise and robe sets. We have Laura Ashley nightshirts, short style pajamas, and traditional long sleeve with long leg style pajamas. Maybe you are in the mood for our Lazy One brand pajamas, nightshirts, and slippers. Lazy One pajamas are quality pajamas that have whimsical animals and tongue-in-cheek sayings. They might say things like “Feline Sleepy” with a picture of a cat, “I’m Unstable in the Mornings” with a picture of a horse in a stable, or “I Otter be in bed” with a picture of an otter.

If you are the type of woman that does not like to wake up cold in the wee hours of the morning, then you definitely need to see our selection of Big Feet footed one piece pajamas. These pajamas will let you sleep warm all night or move around the inside of your house in comfort even though it might be cool. Looking for that classic look, then see our Betty Boop women’s pajamas and robes. Betty Boop is more popular today than she was decades ago, and you will love the wide selection of Betty Boop sleepwear in our women’s sleepwear on sale. Another classic pajama brand, is Hello Kitty. You can find Hello Kitty footed pajamas, Hello Kitty robes, and Hello Kitty pajama pants on our women’s sleepwear on sale.

Women’s sleepwear on sale

See our women’s robes section, and you will be amazed at all the different types of robes that are offered. We have plush fleece bathrobes, sexy short robes, Sherpa style robes, and robes with hoods. Not only do our women’s bathrobes come in a wide variety of designs but in a huge assortment of prints, colors, and sizes. Picture yourself in a nice hot bath with your favorite special soap. Afterward, you get out of the bath you will want to keep that warm relaxed feeling by wrapping up in a thick, plush, and warm bathrobe. What better way to relax in front of the television with a cup of hot chocolate or tea, than bundled up in plush warm robe.

When you look at the other women’s sleepwear sections at our website, you will see women’s slippers. The women’s slippers are the largest slipper selection on the site. You have traditional style slippers, bunny slippers, fuzzy bear paw slippers, bootie Nordic slippers, furry looking slippers, scuff slippers, thong slippers, and lots more. To see our wide variety of animal slippers for women, look at our Comfy Feet animal slippers for women. You will see cows, monkeys, turtles, frogs, pigs, tigers, bears, puppies, and more. We carry just about any type of slipper you might want in our women’s sleepwear section. Make sure you buy a pair and keep those feet warm.

Before you leave the women’s sleepwear section, you might want to see our gigantic selection of women’s sleep pants and sleep shorts. Choose your favorite color or favorite print of women’s sleep pants or sleep shorts. Our women’s sleep pants and sleep shorts come in a variety of fabrics, designs, and sizes. We even have women’s sleep pants and sleep shorts in Hello Kitty, Betty Boop, Lazy One, and other popular brands. There is also a whole section of women’s nightgowns and nightshirts.

Lastly, don’t forget to see our selection of shower wraps for women. A shower wrap is great right after you get out of the bath tub, when you are still damp and need to dry your hair. It is the perfect accessory that bridges between the shower/bath and until you get dry and wrap yourself up for the night in your comfortable PJs and bathrobe. With a shower wrap, you can stay warm immediately out of the shower, yet not get your pajamas and robe damp.

That is the end of the virtual pajama mega-warehouse tour. Hopefully you are not exhausted from all that virtual walking through the women’s sleepwear section. You can see that there is a huge selection of pajamas, robes, slippers and more to explore. Have fun continuing to explore some more inside our women’s sleepwear section. Hopefully you will find a lot of great sleepwear to buy and wear.

Happy Shopping

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