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Girl’s Night in Sleepover Party for Women

Having the girl’s over to enjoy a sleepover party for women can be one of the most fun things you can do. You can get rid of the guys and pretend you are kids again with a girl’s night where you do nothing but pamper yourself and catch up. Here are some fun and relaxing ideas for a sleepover party for women.

Women’s sleepover party game ideas

Even if you’re not a kid anymore, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the same types of games you played when you were. However, it does mean that you can make them more fun and grown up. If you’re planning a girl’s night in sleepover party for women, here are some fun party game ideas that you and your guests will love.

He Never – If you remember the game I Never, you probably know you had to drink or do something when someone says “I never XYZ” and XYZ is something you have actually done. If everyone at the party is married or in a relationship, why not play the game except make it about your partners? Instead of saying I never, say he never and then say something your partner has not done. By making the game about your partner instead of you, you can all get to learn some funny things about your friends’ partners and help to break the ice. You can find out things that are funny, embarrassing, and some things that you never thought your friends and their partners would actually do. This is a great way to get everyone to know about each other and also help give everyone something to talk about. This fun game is one of the most popular ways to start a women’s sleepover party.

Spin Polish – This is for everyone. Make a spinner like you have on board games (or just take one from an old board game) and put a small amount of nail polish on each section. Now everyone takes turns spinning the board and when the spinner lands on a color, you get to pick one person to fill in one of their nails that color. However, if the spinner points towards you and the color you are in front of, the entire room gets to pick a color that you have to put on your next nail. This is a fun game that takes a while but also ends up with some fun colors for your nails and almost always has everyone at the women’s sleepover party laughing.

Masks and pampering – One thing that everyone needs is a break from the real world. An affordable and way to do this is by having a spa session at your sleepover party for women. Before buying products or masks, have everyone let you know if they have any allergies and make sure that you buy hypoallergenic masks and products to reduce the chances of anyone having a negative reaction. Masks and manicures can be extremely relaxing and a great way for everyone to enjoy themselves, and also get rid of the random nail polish colors from the other games. This might not sound like one of the most creative women’s sleepover party game ideas, but when everyone is having fun and feels relaxed, sometimes you don’t need a competitive game to enjoy yourselves. Pair the pampering with champagne, fruit and chocolate and this will be one of the highlights of the evening. If you want to give everyone a fun gift, order a pair of spa slippers and spa bath robes ahead of time so everyone has something to wear. If you look below, we offer discounts based on volume, so this can be a fun and affordable gift for everyone at the sleepover party for women.

Hire a chef to teach you to cook – One of the best adult sleepover party games for women isn’t exactly a game, although you may be laughing if you cannot cook. All you need to do is hire a chef to teach you to make a meal. Even if you have to cook every day or hate being in the kitchen, having a chef come over to teach you a new recipe is always fun. Depending on where you live it could be expensive or cheap, but it is an easy way to kill time, have everyone bond and also make sure your guests have a full dinner.

Women’s sleepover party foods

One thing you don’t want to do is waste a ton of food, plates or choose a food that is difficult to eat. To avoid this, when planning food ideas for a women’s sleepover party, make sure everything is bite sized, safe to leave out for a bit, not extremely messy and can be served with a small napkin or toothpick. Here are a few fun women’s sleepover party foods for people to snack on and eat during the night.

Cheese stuffed mushrooms – These are fun and easy to make. Take button mushrooms and pull out the stems. Chop the stems up and combine them with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, breadcrumbs and if you want to make them spicy, add in chili pepper. Taste the mix to judge the level of spiciness and add more cream cheese if it is too spicy. Now put the mixture into the mushrooms and pile it over the top. Then put the rest of the cheddar shreds over the top and place the mushrooms in the oven on 350 for about 20 minutes. Once the cheese is melted and browning, they are ready to let cool down and serve.

Taco cupcakes – These are simple and delicious. Take a mini cupcake pan and place flour tortillas in the bottom. Add in seasoned ground beef and bake them in the oven at 350 until the ground beef is cooked and the tortilla is crisped. If you want to cheat, precook and season the ground beef so you know everything is cooked all the way and then just place the tortillas in the cupcake pan. Then stuff the tortillas with the ground beef, tomatoes, cheese and whatever else you want in your mini tacos. By using a mini cupcake pan you can get bite sized party foods that won’t be too messy.

Sliders on a French fry – These are easy and always fun. Buns can get soggy and crumby, so waffle fries can be a great alternative. The first thing to do is bake or fry large waffle fries. Next, make a bunch of mini slider burgers and then, once they are cooled off, place them on top of the waffle fry. Add whatever you want on top and serve however you’d like.

Chocolate dipped fruit – To make chocolate dipped fruit you’ll need to create a double boiler. This is basically a pot with boiling water, and then a fire and heat safe bowl on top of the water. Put in whatever types of chocolate you want and once it is melted, dip your fruit and place it on wax paper to dry. If you want to be more creative, you can melt a second color or type of chocolate and double dip, drizzle or create fun patterns on the fruit.

Pigs in a blanket – These are always one of the most popular foods for women’s sleepover parties. To make these buy mini-sausages and pre-made croissant dough. Cut the dough into small triangles and wrap them around the sausages. Since the sausages are already cooked and ready to eat, you just need to bake the dough around them at 350 until it is fluffy and starts to brown. This is usually about 15 minutes. They are the perfect party food and you can serve them without almost anything.

Throwing a women’s sleepover party for a girl’s night in is a great way to catch up with old friends, spend a night relaxing and have a ton of fun. You can come up with fun sleepover party games for women by taking your favorite ones from when you were a kid and adding a twist, making food that is more adult oriented instead of just a ton of candy and junk. Sleepover parties for women are a great way for all of your friends to get to know each other and also a great way to treat yourself to a fun night at home.