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Why have shower wraps become so popular recently? It was not too long ago, when you had to pay big money to attend a posh spa and be pampered with a soft warm shower wrap. That has all changed. Shower wraps can now be purchased for home use, so that every day is a spa day.

Another reason for the rising popularity of shower wraps is convenience and comfort. When you get out of a shower or bath tub you are dripping wet with water. Immediately you grab a towel and dry off. Once you have completed drying off, your towel is wet and damp. In the old days before shower wraps, you had to use this damp wet towel as a temporary body covering. You would wrap the damp towel around your body and tuck it into itself to keep it secured in place. Next you would brush your teeth, blow dry your hair, take care of all those essential toiletries, and then you would get dressed. Unfortunately, your body is still a little damp at this point because the towel that you were wearing was damp and wet. With the invention of the shower wrap this has all changed. Now you can get out of the shower and dry off with a towel. But rather than wrapping a wet damp towel around your body, you wrap a fresh dry shower wrap around your body.

There is another benefit to a shower wrap in that it is much more secure and will stay in place. The problem with the old “wrap and tuck” method of using a damp bath towel is that often it becomes un-tucked. One minute you are modestly covered but then suddenly your towel accidentally falls off and you are buck naked to the world. This is minimized with shower wraps because of the way they have been designed. There are two different styles of shower wrap designs that keep the wrap secured.

The first design is the use elastic and adjustable Velcro fasteners. With this style of shower wrap you wrap the fabric around your body just below your arms and secure the closure shut with hidden Velcro fasteners. The covered elastic band along the top stretches back and forth allowing for a comfortable feel, yet keeps the shower wrap securely in place. The second design method utilizes spaghetti style straps and a Velcro fastener. This type of shower wrap has straps to like a dress or chemise to keep the wrap up in place, and the opening is secured shut with a Velcro closure. Other shower wraps will use straps that crisscross and will keep the wrap closed shut.

The shower wrap fabric is usually a polyester polar fleece or cotton polyester blend. This allows the body to stay warm while being able to finish air drying off. The fabric is machine washable and tumble dry. The fabric is soft, plush and warm and comfortable to wear. There are a variety of prints to choose from. For example there are prints with colorful hearts, yellow rubber ducks, black and white zebra stripes, and flowers. Some shower wraps come with added accessories such as bath loofahs.

If you order $40 or more you will receive free shipping inside the United States. Shower wraps make great gifts. Order a few varieties of shower wraps and receive the free shipping.