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What are bootie slippers for women? They are some of the most comfy and warm footwear you can buy. They come up to your ankles and almost look and feel like shoes. You can find women’s bootie slippers in all styles including prints like snowflakes and plaids or even just solid colors to match your favorite robe or pajamas. For people who like a bit more flair, you can buy animal prints or even novelty bootie slippers for women that look like shoes or have characters from tv shows on them. Some have Velcro straps, some are slip on and some are more like socks. No matter what style you like or want, you will definitely find some of the most comfy and warm women’s bootie slippers here at

Knit and fleece bootie slippers for women

The first thing to think about when you want to find the perfect pair is the fabric you enjoy the most. Some people prefer the warm feeling you get from knit bootie slippers for women. If you like a soft and light fabric, you may want to order fleece womens bootie slippers to keep your feet warm. Both fabrics are amazing for the winter and unlike other styles, these will stay on your feet much easier because they go over your ankles instead of slipping off like regular styles. If you have never tried a pair or never heard of these before, now is the time to buy them and learn how so many other ladies have enjoyed keeping their feet warm throughout the winter. They are perfect if you run your air conditioning in the summer or even if your house gets cold in the winter. They are also amazing in the fall and spring when the weather is changing and you cannot run the a/c or heater anymore. Buy a pair today and find out how you could have been keeping your feet warm in some of the most comfortable knit and fleece bootie slippers for women by ordering from

How to clean women’s bootie slippers

Women’s bootie slippers are easy to take care of. Because they can become something you wear around the clock when you’re home, they can unfortunately get a bit dirty. If you need to clean them, please do not place them in the washing maching unless the instructions say you can. We recommend surface cleaning only. If you’re looking how to clean them, it could be best to use a clean, damp cloth to gently touch up any soiled spots. If you have a light detergent that is made for delicate fabrics or there are instructions on how to clean them on the tag, you can try using that. If necessary, you could also try using a very gentle soap on the cloth, but you may want to use it on a small spot first to make sure nothing gets damaged. If you go with slipper socks instead, these can normally be placed in the washing machine with similar colors. You should check the care instructions first. Whether you buy slipper socks, knit or fleece bootie slippers for women, you’ll love how warm they keep your feet and also find an easy way to clean them.