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Toddler Slippers for Girls

Tootsies, toes and toddler slippers for boys and girls.  They all go together perfect so why not find the perfect pair of slippers for toddlers at  Whether you need sock slippers for toddler boys or bootie styled for girls, we have a huge selection.  You can find Sesame Street slippers for toddlers as well as a ton of cool sports, fashion and novelty styles that any kid would love.  If you're tired of them tracking water through your house after a shower and wiping up little foot prints, this is a great way to keep their toes warm while also keeping your floors dry.  Whether they love them fuzzy, animal, sock, Disney, Superhero or novelty, we've got their tootsies covered with our selection of toddler slippers so your floors and their feet stay neat, clean and dry!  Watch as their eyes light up when they get their new pair of toddler slippers and your mornings become a bit easier with less wiping to do.  Browse our selection of styles below and start your mornings off better knowing their feet are covered, your floors are protected and everyone is a bit happier. More questions about toddler slippers? Visit our Children's Slippers Buyer's Guide.

How to buy slippers for toddler boys and girls

One tricky thing to do is to learn how to buy slippers for toddler boys and girls.  Every kid is different which is why you need to know how and where to look.  Below we have a few descriptions of some of our most popular styles of toddler slippers, and a size chart, that may help you to find the perfect pair faster.

Toddler sock slippers - These are fun and great for kids who like to wear shoes and feel the fabric against them.  They are just like regular pairs but they feature socks coming out of the top so they stay on a bit easier and can help them feel more secure on your child's feet.  You can find them in fun novelty styles as well as more traditional styles to match the grown ups.  These are very popular and are great for road trips, wearing on the weekends or just around the house to keep their feet clean from the floors during the fall or spring when dirt tracks in everywhere. Bootie styled toddler slippers - If they like shoes, these are perfect.  The bootie style which is more popular with girls looks like booties or real shoes.  They are fun for them to wear and even fashionable for your little Diva.  Just as comfortable as the novelty styles, they are a more grown up and comfy fashionable alternative for the little girl who likes to pretend to be grown up.

Novelty slippers for toddlers - These are the most popular.  They come in a ton of fun styles including Disney, Sesame Street, Superhero, Sports and even Puppy prints.  You can find everything from slip on to foot in and almost any color you can think of.  These are great for kids who love to slip them on, have fun and that loves to laugh.

Animal slippers for toddlers - These are the most popular.  Whether they like puppies or kitties, bunny or animals you'd see on safari, we carry one of the largest selections of animal slippers for toddlers around.  You can even choose from styles that cover their feet to slip on, ones that look like a stuffed plush toy or even just have their favorite animals faces.  From frogs to dogs and hippos to turtles, seals and ducks, we have the perfect pair for your little ones.

  Ballet slippers for toddler girls - You can always take ballet styled toddler slippers for dance class, but why not have the same style so they can dance off to dreamland with ballet slippers for toddler girls?  We carry a great selection with fun prints and designs that they will never want to take off. Comfy and great for your ballerina, she'll love these styles and you'll love knowing she can sleep easy at night dreaming of her favorite sport.

  Whether it's fun and fuzzy slippers for boys and girls, we have the perfect selection.  We always have a huge variety and you can usually buy toddler slippers on sale by checking out our clearance section.  Use the guide above to help you find the perfect pair and then send your little ones off to sleep land with their new favorite slippers. 

What Our Customers Say About Our Toddler Slippers:
"Got just what i had been hunting. Fast delivery. Great bedroom shoes at great price."