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Cartoon Pajamas, Boxer Shorts and Sleepwear for Men

Our collection of men's cartoon character sleepwear include pajama pants, pajama sets, and boxer shorts. Popular characters include South Park, Family Guy, Batman, Superman, and Spongebob. These fun and comfy pajama pants are perfect for the end of a long day or lazy weekends. Our cartoon character pajama pants and boxers are made of 100% cotton knit fabric, unless otherwise indicated.

Fun Boxers Brand Pajama Pants
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Cartoon Pajamas for Men

Every man has the heart of a kid inside him. You might be grown up, but it is hard to resist fun cartoon prints both from your childhood and today.

Our classic cartoon characters for men include Batman and Superman. Customer favorites include two-piece cotton knit pajama set featuring the Batman or Superman logos. If you have a little boy, you can dress up in the same character pajamas as your son.

Other cartoon pajamas are inspired by today's funniest cartoons for adults including Family Guy. Our favorite Family Guy pajamas feature Stewie Griffith. Choose from two-piece pajama sets, cotton knit lounge pants, and comfy boxer shorts. (We even have coordinating Stewie, Brian and Peter Griffin slippers for men.)

Other fun, themed pajamas for men include Playboy. Our collection of Playboy sleepwear and underwear for men includes cotton knit pajamas and boxers featuring the classic Playboy bunny head.

Cartoon and Character Robe for Men

Our selection of fun sleepwear includes more than just pajamas. We also carry cool bathrobes for men. How about a Star Trek robe for your favorite Trekkie? Choose from Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Scottie designs. Is he a Star Wars fan? How about a Star Wars robe? We carry hooded robes in Vader, Jedi, and Yoda designs. Superhero fans will love our Batman, Superman, and Joker robes. There is something for everyone. The best thing is, these robes don't just look great, they really are great robes. They are made of thick, high quality cotton terry fabric.