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Superhero slumber party for boys

When troubles afoot, never fear, your little one’s superhero slumber party is here! There’s nothing more fun for a young fan and his friends than a superhero slumber party for boys. But how do you keep them entertained and moving so that when they are off duty and the lights go out, they are ready for sleep? You plan the perfect superhero slumber party for boys with high energy activities, fun foods and even cooler favors. Here are some ideas for you to throw your own superhero slumber party for boys.

Superhero sleepover party food ideas

The first thing when planning the superhero sleepover party for boys is to find foods they’ll love. Because ordering everything from a bakery can be expensive, here are some cool and fun superhero party foods that you can serve. You could even let the boys help make them.

Superman cookies – These are the simplest to make. Make or buy sugar cookie dough and a diamond shaped cookie cutter. Roll out the dough and cut thick sliced diamond shapes. Now, cover the cookies in yellow icing and let it dry. Carefully trace the cookies edges in red and instead of using the Superman “S” in the middle, create one cookie for each kid with their name or initials drawn inside the diamond. If for some reason you cannot find a diamond shaped cookie cutter, here’s another solution.

Take a larger circle shaped cookie cutter and cut out the dough. First color the cookie with a blue icing and let it dry. Now draw a large red diamond across it and fill the inside of the diamond with yellow frosting. Finally, use red icing to add on the kids initials and you have superhero cookies for a superhero slumber party for boys. Superhero breakfasts – If you don’t feel like cooking a ton in the morning, we have an easy superhero sleepover party food idea for you. Buy a bunch of single serving boxes of cereal for everyone. Now take a piece of clear tape and a plastic spoon and tape the bottom of the spoon so it is suspended ¾ of the way above the box of cereal. Take a napkin and wrap the top of it around the spoon so it looks like a cape. If you are good with icing, you can decorate the back of the spoon to look like hair by covering it in black icing, and then drawing a smiley face on the front of the spoon. This way everyone can wake up at the superhero slumber party and start their day with a super hero breakfast.

Superburgers for superheroes – Here’s a fun one you can do to make sure everyone at the superhero slumber party eats enough food. Make sliders for kids. You can do kickin’ chicken or bad guy burgers. Leave the top bun off of the sliders and write fun sayings like “Pow,” “Whomp” or other things you’d hear a superhero say in a cartoon on the meat in ketchup or barbecue sauce. Fun sound effects and even printing out images of the superhero, attaching the printouts to a tooth pick and placing it through the top of the bun can turn ordinary sliders into super burgers for your superhero slumber party for boys.

Superhero activities for superhero sleepover parties

Make a cape – One thing the kids will love is making their own capes. Take a giant roll of fabric and cut it into large rectangles. Now take velcro and place one side on the top right and left corners of the short side of the fabric. Next, cut large yellow, white or other light colors of felt into diamond shapes and glue them onto the middle of the fabric. As the kids arrive, hand them each a personal cape and let them color in, decorate and design it. This is a fun activity that gets their imaginations flowing and gets them ready for a superhero slumber party!

Charades – As each kid is working on their cape, ask them what their superhero sleepover party nickname is and what super power and weakness they have. Make sure they don’t tell each other because they are about to play charades to try and guess each other’s powers and weakness. Split the kids into two teams.

Once the teams are made, have one kid from each team go up. Tell both kids what the other’s powers and weaknesses are. Now the kid on the left has to get his team to guess what the kid on the right’s superpower is while the kid on the right has to get his team to guess what the other player’s weakness is. After this they switch. Whichever team guesses correctly first gets one point and the team with the most points at the end wins.

Relay Races – Now that everyone knows whose superpower is what, break the teams up into evenly matched powers. Then have the kids run a relay race with different obstacles like an egg on a spoon, jumping through a course of hoops and squares, etc… The trick on this one is that you have to block their powers. If it is flight, they have to crawl, if it is sight like laser beams from their eyes or x-ray vision they wear a blindfold and a team mate has to tell them how to get through by yelling across the yard, etc… This superhero slumber party game will be fun for everyone and challenge them to find ways to win without their powers.

Target practice – Something fun to do at a superhero slumber party is to get a bunch of printouts of famous villains and place them on poster board hung all over the yard. Now split the kids into teams of two again and each one will get to look at where the targets are. Blindfold one kid from each team and hand them three sponge balls dipped in colored water (you’ll want two colors to be able to count the score at the end). Each player will get three tries to hit the targets. The harder the target the more points it is worth. Count the colored marks on the paper at the end and add up the points to find out who won.

Superhero tunes – What’s a superhero slumber party without theme music? Everyone superhero has a famous theme song from their shows or movies, and now it is the kids turn to show who knows them the best. Find a keyboard or download an app to a tablet or phone and let the kids bet on who can guess the theme song in how many notes. If the player who guesses misses it, the next player gets an additional 2 notes and tries. If no one guesses correctly, the theme song is saved for another round. Once everyone has gone, go through the missed theme songs and whichever team gets them first wins. If you don’t know how to play the songs, download the karaoke or piano version and then pause it once the notes have been hit.

Superhero slumber parties are one of the most fun types. You can use your imagination, have everyone get exercise and create some fun foods themed like superheroes and villains. To decorate the room, print out pictures from comic books. You can also print fun labels with super hero quotes and images for cans of soda and for the different foods. Superhero slumber parties are even better when the kids are worn out for the night and you surprise them with a set of their favorite superhero pajamas as a party favor.