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There is nothing wrong with little girls playing with dolls. Although, sometimes there is a tendency to stereotype all little girls as only wanting to play with dolls, only wanting to have tea parties, and only wanting to wear frilly dresses. In these modern times little girls can also aspire to be a super heroine. When your little girl slips into these Supergirl pajamas she can imagine herself flying over roof tops, and descending upon unsuspecting criminals. In that avid imagination, she will capture those scruffy looking criminals, tie them up with their own shoe laces and hand them over to the local police.

Please see our large variety of Supergirl pajama styles and designs. Some styles are made with 100% cotton and designed to fit snugly. This snug fit most likely will give your little crime fighter a sleek look that might make other super heroes jealous. Some Supergirl pajamas are constructed of 100% polyester, and have a looser, more relaxed fit. This relaxed fit allows for leaps, kicks, jabs, punches, back flips, somersaults, and all those other moves that your little super heroine may need to perform in her day-to-day crime fighting. These polyester Supergirl pajamas are flame resistant and meet all safety regulations.

Some of these Supergirl pajamas might come with a cape or even a cool super hero tutu. Only a super heroine has the confidence to stand eye to eye with a burly, hardened criminal while sporting a pink tutu. Not even Superman has the gumption to wear a tutu while fighting criminals. Some of these Supergirl pajamas have a detachable cape. The cape is handy for flying over roof tops, but also if it is a slow day in crime fighting your little girl can also use it as a bullfighter’s cape. Okay, maybe you think the family dog or cat is not really a vicious bull, but to a small Supergirl with a good imagination, your dog or cat can quickly sprout horns and madly paw the dust of the bullfighter’s ring.

Supergirl nightgown

All of these Supergirl pajamas and Supergirl nightgowns are machine washable, which is handy after a hard day of super play. Nothing is more relaxing to a weary super heroine than slipping on a Supergirl nightgown and crawling into a comfortable bed at night. These Supergirl nightgowns are designed for super comfort. Our Supergirl nightgowns are made with polyester. All of the Supergirl nightgowns are flame resistant.

Remember when you purchase $40 or more of Supergirl pajamas or Supergirl nightgowns that shipping is free within the continental U.S. That is one super deal!

So put those dolls back in the closet, and buy a pair of Supergirl pajamas. Forget about having a tea party today, and dress your little one in a pair of pajamas with a crime fighting tutu. Why make your little super heroine wear a lacey dress, when she can be running around the house with a Supergirl cape. Buy a pair of Supergirl pajamas today, and release that super imagination and super powers that is inside your little super heroine.