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Family Guy Stewie Slippers for Men

Item #: 71162


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Stewie Griffin from Family Guy is one of America's favorite characters on TV today. These Stewie slippers represent everything that Stewie is about. With crossed arms and stern looking eyes, the front of the slippers they read, “Victory Shall Be Mine!”.

These Family Guy Stewie slippers are super comfortable and very warm. You will love wearing these slippers all winter. They are also comfortable enough to wear all day everyday throughout the house. They fit snugly around your foot so they will not fall off while walking or running around the house. You will love the thick and durable material that they are made of and the non-skid bottoms. The soles are very thick and soft.

These stewie slippers are a great conversation starter! They are big, attractive and are vivid in color. Stewie is one of the more popular characters on Family Guy. Stewie is one of the most liked characters on modern TV because of his quick and witty remarks and that he is full of evil, but nobody takes him seriously because he is just a little talking baby. Family Guy Stewie slippers would be a great gift idea for any Family Guy fan.

If you are a Family Guy memorabilia collector, these Stewie slippers are a must have along with our Stewie pajamas. Be sure to check out our other Stewie related pajamas pants and boxer shorts. Just search “Stewie” in the search bar above to get all things related to Stewie Griffin.

Family Guy Stewie slippers come in two sizes, medium and large. A medium will fit a men's shoe size 9 to 10 and a large size will fit and 11 to 12 men's shoe size. has a flat shipping rate of $5 for anything under $40 or less. Anything over $40 is eligible for free shipping. Get a pair for you and a friend who loves Family Guy as much as you do and save on shipping today! It generally take about one week to ship the Stewie slippers in the US. If you need the slippers much quicker, expedited shipping is available in the US only.

Check out all of the positive reviews for the Family Guy Stewie slippers on and to read what the hype is all about. These slippers are perfect for any Family Guy fan.