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St. Patrick's Day Boxer Shorts and Pajama Pants

Saint Patrick’s Day is March 17th. A new phenomenon regarding holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas is that they are no longer restricted to one day out of the entire year, when it comes to buying apparel. There is a whole industry of Christmas stores that sell Christmas items and apparel year around. Now shoppers buy St. Patrick’s Day apparel and items year around as well. For example, you can now buy those Lucky Shamrock boxer shorts in July and those Kiss Me I’m Irish pajama pants in September without feeling strange or weird.

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The question will usually come up, "Do you have to be of Irish decent to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?" The answer is "No". Just like there are many religious sects and faiths that celebrate Christmas, there are also many ethnicities that will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Now days, you can hear a leprechaun speaking Spanish, Mandarin, or other foreign languages. You do not have to be fluent in Gaelic in order to purchase a pair of St. Patrick’s Day boxer shorts or pajama pants.

A common theme with St. Patrick’s Day boxer shorts and pajama pants is that there is a wee bit of humor involved. They will have double entendre phrases like "Get Lucky!" "Rub for Luck!" "Lucky Me Lucky You!" "Feeling Lucky!" There are also other common themes with St. Patrick’s Day boxer shorts and pajama pants. They usually have the color green printed on them somewhere and they will usually have at least one shamrock (also known as a lucky four leaf clover) printed on them as well.

These St. Patrick’s Day boxer shorts and pajama pants are made with 100% cotton knit fabric that is machine washable and comfortable to wear. The boxer shorts have an elastic waistline, button fly and relaxed fit. The pajama pants have an elastic waistline, adjustable drawstring at the waist, button fly, and easy fit. The sizing is U.S. men’s sizes and range from size small to extra large. It is important to read the product descriptions for each boxer shorts or pajama pants because the specifics do vary between them.

Another question that will occasionally get asked is "If I wear these Lucky boxer shorts or Lucky pajama pants will they bring me luck?" The answer is not a simple yes or no. Some critics will quickly answer dismissively "There is no such thing as Luck!" Some mystics will compare Luck to Faith, waxing on about how a thing might not be readily tangible to human senses yet that thing can still exist. Most will argue that these St. Patrick’s Day boxer shorts and St. Patrick’s Day pajama pants have a "placebo effect". If you believe that these Lucky boxer shorts will bring you luck then you create your own luck by wearing them. Each person must find their own answer.

Speaking of "creating your own luck" now you can get lucky and get free shipping when you buy $40 or more of these St. Patrick’s Day boxer shorts and pajama pants. Remember that these boxer shorts and pajama pants can be worn year around, not just on March 17th. The free shipping is offered only within the continental United States. These St. Patrick’s Day boxer shorts and pajama pants may or may not bring you luck, but they are perfect for relaxing in year-around. "Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit!"