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Product Suggestions
Spa parties are extremely popular for girls aged seven to seventeen. Bath robes are an essential element for these parties. carries a wide selection of bath robes for girls at very reasonable prices.

I Need More than a Dozen Bath Robes for a Spa Party. How Should I Begin?

First, decide on your price range. Our girl’s bath robes range in price from $16.99 to $34.99. Second, make a list of what sizes and quantities you need. Next, either place your order online or call us at 877-576-5256. Our pajama experts are great at putting together special orders like these.

How Can You Sell Robes for Just $16.99 Each?

The $16.99 robes are an excellent value. How are they so inexpensive? They come to us in a wide assortment of colors and sizes. They are plain, no frills fleece bath robes. Therefore, the chances that we will have a dozen of these robes in (for instance) size large, pink are slim. But… if you are willing to take an assortment of colors and sizes these bath robes can be an excellent choice.

What Makes the More Expensive Robes Special?

Our bath robes in the $16.99 to $34.99 price range generally have something special about them – a licensed character, special trim or embellishments. Some of our $29.99 plush robe by Cozytime are made in the USA. We purchase these bath robes from some of the best children’s sleepwear manufacturers in the industry. We generally have been availability (more of each style, size, etc.) of the more expensive bath robes.

Can you Special Order Robes for Me?

Sorry. We are not able to special order children’s bath robes.

How Far in Advance Should I Order My Bath Robes?

Please allow a week for large orders of bath robes to be delivered via Standard Shipping. (Remember, shipping is free on orders over $40.) Second Day Air is an additional $15.