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Our short robes for women include 100% cotton terry bath robes in a variety of solid colors. These comfy robes are Leisureland brand. They have a tie at the waist. They are kimono-style robes. The collar is flat. The length is just at or above the knee depending on the height of the woman wearing the robe.

Terry Robes & Short Robes

One of the most comfortable pieces of clothing you can own, bar none, is a nice, fluffy terry robe that makes you feel as snug as a bug whenever you wake up, get out of the shower, or go to bed. Feeling comfortable is a must, no matter if you are in your own home or traveling. Now, with our extensive and colorful collection of short bathrobes for women, you can find the perfect complement to a warm bubble bath and nice, inviting pair of slippers. Pick one of our short robes to wear as you relax and you will never regret it.

Our short bathrobes are made from 100% cotton terry and come in a variety of enticing and alluring clothing. Made by Leisureland, a leading brand in the business, these short robes are made in the kimono style and all come with flat collars and ties at the waist. You can choose from several colors, such as pink, mint green, light blue, white, or fuchsia. They will reach to just at or just above your knee, depending on how tall you are, and will definitely keep you nice and comfy whenever you are in one. Plus, the low prices Ė just $19.99 Ė mean you donít have to pick just one!

A terry robe can be a marvelous garment, especially if you have had a long, stressful day (and who hasnít?). Pick out the perfect robe for you from our collection of short bathrobes, and find short robes for your friends and family as well. With a soft, 100% cotton robe, you canít go wrong.