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Treat yourself to a funny pair of monkey animal slippers. Choose from slip ons and styles that cover the whole foot. All of our monkey slippers for women are warm and plush with cushioned soles. You will smile each time you look down at your feet in these funny slippers.

Why Buy Funny Monkey Slippers?

Animal slippers are fun to wear. Our monkey slippers for ladies come in slip on, bootie, and plush styles. Choose the style that is best for you and with just a few clicks we can have a fun pair of slippers on their way to you.

Why animal slippers? It is true that they are a little silly. But, they are practical at the same time. We hear lots of stories of how our customers give our animal slippers as gifts to friends and families. People just love getting these fun slippers as presents. We admit that they can be a little goofy, but... they are hard to forget. Who would forget receiving a funny pair of monkey bootie slippers as a holiday gift on a snowy Christmas morning?

How Should Your Care for Your New Animal Slippers?

The most important thing to remember is that your new animal slippers are designed to be worn indoors. They are bedroom slippers. Wearing them outside of the house will damage the soles. It is best to limit their use to indoors only to prolong their life.

Plush slippers such as animal slippers should be surface cleaned only with a damp cloth. We do not recommend putting these types of slippers in the washing machine. If necessary, use a gentle soap on a damp cloth to clean any particularly stubborn marks.