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Disney's Phineas and Ferb features two boys with big imaginations. It begins with a whimsical theme song about the excitement of being a kid in the summertime. If only we all had 104 days of summer vacation to dream up exciting projects and adventures to create in our backyards and our dreams. Make bedtime fun for your favorite boy with a pair of fun Phineas and Ferb pajamas. These boys pajamas are available in sizes 4-14. (Not all prints are available in all sizes.)

Phineas and Ferb Jammies for Boys

It is hard for me not to love Phineas and Ferb. In my opinion, it is one of the funniest cartoons on television. Each episode start off with a clever theme song. The song explains that there are 104 days of summer vacation. The boys Phineas and Ferb must find things to do to fill that time. The song lists an exciting array of possibilities climbing the Eiffel Tower, giving a monkey a shower, surfing tidal waves, locating Frankenstein's brain, and most importantly driving your sister insane.

My own son is a Phineas and Ferb type. At age five he rewired our surround sound system. He used to spend hours digging holes in the dirt in our side yard. (We never could figure out the purpose of that, but he was very serious about it.) He is the type who can fix anyone's electronics and set up anyone's printer, wireless network, etc. People love to invite him over to their houses for free tech support.

He has a friend who likes to come over and do experiments with him. They once spent an entire afternoon figuring out combinations of household items that would react together in our yard. (I did supervise this to make sure that they didn't burn the house down.) But, many things can make volcano-like explosions besides just baking soda and vinegar. My son and his friend can spend hours dreaming up crazy adventures to go on together. Their imaginations have few limits.

On the negative side just like Phineas and Ferb love to torment Candice (the sister on the cartoon), my son loves to torment his sister. It is a constant issue in our lives. One day we hope that it will resolve itself. We try to work on it constantly. He just can't resist irritating her whenever our backs are turned.

We carry a fun assortment of Phineas and Ferb sleepwear including pajamas and bathrobes. You can choose from Phineas and Ferb prints and Agent P prints. There is something for every Phineas and Ferb fan.

We also carry fun Agent P. sleepwear for dads. Check out our Phineas and Ferb boxer shorts and Phineas and Ferb pajama pants for men. Now both kids and dads can wear Phineas and Ferb sleepwear at bedtime.