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These fun, novelty print footed pajamas for women are warm and toasty. They are made of a soft, warm polar fleece. The feet have plush animals attached to the tops. Choose from cat, dog, penguin and monkey prints.

Katnap footed pajamas are perfect for those cold, winter nights in which it seems impossible to stay warm. You can now enjoy the relaxation and comfort of traditional pajamas with an increased ability to remain warm thanks to our exceptional Katnap footie pajamas design and fabric. The polar fleece material locks in body heat to keep the chill of the air out and the warmth in, leaving you able to sleep peacefully. The incredible design takes the footie pajamas traditionally designed for infants and expands it to provide the same great loungewear for children and adults alike!

These Katnap footed pajamas zip up in the front, providing easy accessibility and maximum comfort. Many of our novelty styles come complete with professional embroidery on the front to allow you to express your individuality. From stripes to plaid and animal print, we have a variety of different designs for you to pick from when selecting the perfect Katnap footie pajamas for you and your family and friends. We have designs that center around dogs, cats, penguins, and monkeys—each in multiple colors. Regardless of your style, you are sure to find an excellent set of pajamas to meet your every need.

In addition to purchasing these great sleepwear items for you personally, the Katnap footed pajamas make exceptional gifts for everything from birthdays and Valentine’s Day to Christmas. These Katnap footie pajamas are incredibly popular with everyone from young adults to the elderly. You no longer have to deal with the inconvenience and lack of warmth provided by your traditional pajama sets, and can now rely on our premium-footed pajamas to meet all of your sleepwear needs. The flawless design and polar fleece material is a perfect combination for comfortable, relaxing sleepwear that is great for both lounging and sleeping. What are you waiting for? Add these pajamas to your wardrobe today!