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Novelty Toddler Pajamas

Seems like these days you cannot turn on the television without seeing or hearing an expert talk about how to raise your child. The talking head on the television says that all you need to do is buy their book or DVD. Your money would be better spent not on an expert's book or DVD but on an awesome pair of funny toddler pajamas. Keep your little one warm in a pair of novelty toddler sleepwear. Give them a smile with these funny toddler pajamas, just before you tuck them into bed. You don't need to spend money on a pop psychology book that tells you how to make your toddler sleep better at night. Buy a pair of funny toddler pajamas that will make those little ones feel warm and secure before the lights go out in the bedroom.

Rumor has it that tickle testers have found that when toddlers wear funny toddler pajamas, they are easier to tickle and guffaw much louder and longer. That's right! It is rumored that when you have those little guys wear novelty toddler sleepwear, they will laugh easier, louder, and longer. Please be careful when you wash and fold these funny toddler pajamas. Reports have been received that when adults spend too long handling these novelty toddler sleepwear items, with prolonged skin contact, that they might spontaneously giggle or burst out laughing uncontrollably. Initially spouses were concerned about their significant other having some sort of psychotic episode, as the giggled and folded these funny toddler pajamas. Studies have since determined that normal washing and folding times, have none of these side effects. It is only prolonged contact times that cause spontaneous giggles when handling novelty toddler sleepwear.

Novelty Toddler Sleepwear

Have them smile with style in these funny toddler pajamas. There is a wide selection of prints and styles of novelty toddler sleepwear items to choose from. Nothing will take your little one's frown and turn it upside down faster than having them wear a pair of funny toddler pajamas. If your toddler is talking in whole sentences you might find them setting up their own improvised comedy acts during play time. Picture them wearing those funny toddler pajamas doing stand up comedy for those toddlers that are less fortunate and are not wearing novelty toddler sleepwear. There is the joke about a toddler from Brooklyn and a toddler from Queens that meet at a diaper changing station. Or, the joke about the English toddler and French toddler that are getting potty trained together by the same nanny. It is amazing the amount of funny jokes that toddlers that wear funny toddler pajamas can think up. There's the joke about a toddler with a sippy cup, another toddler with a binkie, and a third with a blankie that meet by accident in the Barnes and Nobles kids section after closing time. Maybe all three were wearing a pair of these novelty toddler sleepwear items when what happens next occurs. Rather than spoiling the punchline maybe you should purchase some funny toddler pajamas so that you can experience the hilarity at home.

All these funny toddler pajamas meet the federal flammability requirements. So if your toddler is a red hot comedian, they will be safe while wearing them. Our novelty toddler sleepwear is either loose fitting and flame resistant or 100% cotton and snug fitting. These funny toddler pajamas are comfortable to wear, which makes your little one comfortable when telling jokes in front of large crowds of fellow toddlers. All our novelty toddler sleepwear comes in two piece sets. If you toddler decides to go bare chested or show off those designer duds, then these two piece pajamas give them the freedom to do so.

That's right! No more infomercials on child raising. No more self help books on raising the perfect child. Buy a pair of funny toddler pajamas and make that child warm and secure whenever they are wearing them. Buy a pair of novelty toddler sleepwear and see your toddler's natural comedic talent blossom before your eyes. And, remember that when they wear these funny toddler pajamas that it is easier to tickle them and make them guffaw loudly.

(Disclaimer: Obviously, the above is meant to be taken in jest and we can't make any guarantees about how much your child will laugh while wear our pajamas. But, we do believe that they will provide children with good old fashioned fun at bedtime. We are parents too and we sincerely believe that the best way to raise your children is by providing them as much love and attention as possible.)