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Cartoon Pajama Pants for Men

Sometimes it is difficult to convince the male species to pitch in and do their share of cleaning around the house. A ploy that has worked for some savvy females is to buy cartoon pajama pants for men or buy their man their favorite character pajama pants. How can buying a man their favorite character pajama pants want them to pitch in and do their share of mundane house tasks? It involves essentially two elements, with an optional third element.

The first element is choosing the right cartoon pajama pants for men. We carry a variety of different character pajama pants for men. So you need to decide which cartoon character is going to energize your man, restore that youthful vigor and make them want to vacuum the carpet? Maybe it will be an "old school" cartoon character or one of the new kids on the block? Only you will know which cartoon pajama pants for men will be right fit for that special someone. So, look at our website and carefully choose which character pajama pants for men is the right one.

The second element is music. Now this may involve a little bit of trickery on your part, but think of it as education, and that it is for a good cause…getting your house cleaned. It’s Saturday afternoon and it is time to do your weekly house cleaning. Your favorite man is lounging in front of the television in his new favorite cartoon pajama pants for men. Grab the T.V. remote hit the "off" button, grab the stereo remote and hit the "on" button. The music needs to be a catchy tune, with a good back beat or bass. Can you hear that "Boom! Boom! Boom!" techno- house music bass shaking the framed pictures on the wall? Then in your most innocent voice, you ask, "Honey, would you rather scrub the toilet or sweep the kitchen floor?" He will choose the broom in the kitchen every time. Wait two minutes. Now look into the kitchen. Yes, everything is going plan. There is your man, wearing his favorite cartoon pajama pants for men, dancing around the kitchen, swaying, dipping, and bumping with his new dancing partner the broom. He is convinced that he is the next Hip-Hop Mix Master super star with his new best dance partner, the kitchen broom.

Character Pajama Pants for Men to the Rescue!

Cartoon pajama pants for men and music equals a clean house. These two elements are usually all it takes to get your man jazzed about doing some house cleaning. But occasionally you may want to add a third element.

The third element involves an "adult beverage". You might decide to spike that breakfast morning orange juice or cranberry juice. Yes, after a couple of these beverages your man will become a dancing super fly house cleaning guy!

Only you know what that perfect brunch time beverage will be. Maybe match the beverage to the character pajama pants for men that your man is wearing. This can be a challenge. Every cartoon pajama pants for men features a special character, and these characters each have a special unique drink they prefer.

So now you know the secret in motivating the male species to help clean the house. Number one is choosing the right cartoon pajama pants for men. Number two is choosing the right music. Number three, which is optional, is choosing the right type beverage. Buy several pairs of our character pajama pants, for a total of $40 dollars or more, and get free shipping inside the USA. Buy your favorite cartoon pajama pants and make house cleaning a breeze!

Sizing Information for Cartoon Pajama Pants:

• Small = 28 to 30 inch waist, 38.5" length outer seam
• Medium = 32 to 34 inch waist, 40" length outer seam
• Large = 36 to 38 inch waist, 42" length outer seam
• Extra Large = 40 to 42 inch waist, 42.5" length outer seam

Fabric Options for Fun PJ Pants for Men

You generally have two fabric options when selecting character pajama pants from You should be sure to read the product description carefully to make sure that you understand which type of material the pajama pants you are interested in purchasing are made from. Most of our cartoon pajama pants are made of cotton knit fabric. This feel like a comfortable, broken in t-shirt and is a customer favorite. Most men prefer this option. But, some men opt for fleece during winter time or for special occasions such as ski, hunting, or camping trips. Our fleece pj pants are clearly marked as such. Fleece is a 100% polyester product.