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Mother's Day is all about showing your appreciation to your mother. Mothers care, nurture, and support their children from their first day of life. Once they become a mother, they continue to nurture, care, and support their children throughout the rest of their lives. One never stops being a mother, even when the children move out of the house and become parents themselves. Flowers, cards, and candies are quick and easy gifts, but they have a very short shelf life. Consider giving your Mother a sleepwear gift on Mother's Day. Whether it be pajamas, bathrobes, or slippers, sleepwear is something she can use every day and it will last a long time into the future. Explore this page section to see Mother's Day pajamas, Mother's Day bathrobes, and Mother's Day slipper ideas.

Mother's Day Pajamas for Women

Mother's Day pajamas come in all sorts of styles and colors. Does your Mom live in a warm or cool location? If she lives in a place like Florida or Southern California, then maybe you should consider Mother's Day pajamas that are made with a light cotton knit fabric with short sleeves and short legs. These Mother Day's pajamas are usually a two piece pajama set, and can have pajama short bottoms or Capri style bottoms. If your Mom lives in a cooler place, like say Alaska or the Northern portions of the United States, you might consider Mother Day pajamas with a heavier warmer fabric such as flannel or polar fleece. These pajamas are usually two piece sets with long sleeves and long pajama pant bottoms. They can also be one piece style pajamas with footed feet and a hood. Does your mother have a favorite color, animal, or decorative pattern? Mother's Day pajamas come in almost any color you can think of. Many of them have animal themes such as polar bears, penguins, cats, dogs, etc. Mother's Day pajamas have print patterns such as damask, paisley, geometric, stripes, polka-dots, and the list goes on. If your mother appreciates humor, there are even humorous pajamas such as those manufactured by the brand Lazy One. Another Mother's Day gift option is not to buy a pajama set, but buy pajama pants or pajama shorts. This option allows you to buy several different prints and styles as a gift. Some people have even bought Mother's Day pajama pants and pajama shorts for each day of the week. Another option is to buy one or two Mother's Day nightshirts or nightgowns. Mother's Day nightshirts or nightgowns come in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Some Mother's Day nightshirts are even humorous, for example those that are Lazy One brand.

Mother's Day Bathrobes for Women

Many moms enjoy a nice warm bath. When they get out of the tub, they love to wrap themselves up in a thick, plush, and soft Mother's Day bathrobe. Just like Mother's Day pajamas, Mother's Day bathrobes come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns as well. Some bathrobes even have a hood, which helps keep her toasty warm. Most Mother's Day bathrobes are made of coral fleece fabric, which keeps mom warm and comfortable. Some Mother's Day bathrobes are made with a terry cloth or other type of fabric, which may be better suited for cooler climes. If your mother has reading glasses, or other items she carries with her constantly, then consider buying a bathrobe that has two front pockets. Mother's Day bathrobes can often be matched up with Mother Day pajamas. For example, buying a leopard print bathrobe and matching them with leopard print pajamas makes a wonderful Mother's Day gift.

Mother's Day Slippers for Women

When it comes to Mother's Day slippers, the choices run the gambit from "serious" slippers to "wacky" slippers. Some examples of serious Mother Day slippers are a clog style or slip-on type slipper that has a solid color. The nice benefit to buying a serious slipper with a neutral color, is that it will match almost any pajama or bathrobe that she may want to wear. Also, serious slippers require any explanations when unexpected visitors arrive to visit with mom. Wacky may not be the right adjective to describe these next slippers we are about to describe. Maybe "Adventuresome Mother's Day slippers", "Bold Mother's Day slippers", "Spirited Mother's Day Slippers", "Fun Mother's Day slippers" better describes this slipper genre. First, there are animal slippers. These slippers might happen to look like a fuzzy bear's paw, complete with claws, or a gorilla's foot with hairy looking toes. Animal slippers can look like a plush animal toy that mom can wear on her foot. Maybe your mother loves bunnies, then the perfect Mother's Day slipper would be a pair of bunny slippers. Other bold, spirited, and fun slippers are bright colored fuzzy slippers, or slippers with leopard spots, zebra stripes, or other adventuresome prints. Just like Mother's Day pajamas and bathrobes, you can match Mother's Day slippers. You can try matching colors or a matching theme. Some customer's have matched up a particular animal, such as moose slippers with moose pajamas. Another example is penguin slippers with a penguin bathrobe. The possible combinations are endless and only limited by your own creativity.

This Mother's Day give a gift that will last a long time and one that will remind your Mother that you really do appreciate everything she has done for you. Consider giving your mother some pajamas, bathrobes, or slippers this Mother's Day.