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Your little Mickey Mouse fan will love a fun pair of Mickey pajamas to wear each night. Our infant and toddler styles include footed sleepers, 100% cotton sets, and pajama sets. Our Mickey Mouse pajamas for baby and toddler boys are officially licensed by Disney. Fun Mickey Mouse prints include space and holiday themes, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse prints, and even a print with Goofy. Mickey Mouse is popular with boys year after year. Kids love his fun and enthusiasm.

Mickey Mouse Pajamas for Boys

Kids can't resist Disney's Mickey Mouse. He is a favorite year after year. You can make bedtime special for your son or favorite little boy with a pair of Mickey Mouse pajamas. They are a classic and never go out of style. Other fads may come and go, but Mickey is a symbol of good old fashioned, American fun.

Why not plan a Mickey Mouse-themed fun night for your family? It is simple. You can either buy, rent, or stream your favorite Mickey Mouse-themed movies. There are lots to choose from including the Mickey Mouse Club and Mickey Mouse Club House. Next, have everyone dress in their favorite Disney-themed jammies. Finally, just pop some popcorn and you will be ready for an evening of family fun. You might want to also have a jigsaw puzzle or board game nearby in case the kids only want to watch TV for a half hour or so. (You never know it could happen.)