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Buyer's Guide to Bath Robes for Men

Terry or Velour: What is the Difference?

A cotton terry bath robe is made of a 100% cotton looped fabric. It is soft, comfortable and very absorbent. Our new navy cotton terry kimono robe is perfect for someone looking for an absorbent, mid-weight bath robe.

Cotton Velour robes are made of a heavier, more finished fabric. They are also 100% cotton and looped, but the loops are much closer together than in a regular cotton terry robe. This makes the fabric heavier and with a softer finish.

Are There Any Lighter Options?

If you are looking for something lighter, you might consider either a satin or spa robe. Both are perfect for the summer months or warmer climates.

What is a “Spa” Robe?

Spa robes are generally made from a woven cotton (or cotton blend) fabric. (Woven cotton feels smooth like a bed sheet.) Most spa robes also have a waffle texture. Spa robes are fairly lightweight and are mid-calf length.

Still Not Sure Which Robe to Choose?

Feel free to contact one of our sleepwear experts at 877-576-5256. We are available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST Monday through Friday.