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Union Suits for Men

Menís union suits are the style that was lost but not forgotten. Created for functionality and comfort, you can find menís union suit pajamas and underwear in old videos, documentaries about factory workers and miners, and in modern TV shows. The most popular style is by far our red union suits for men. Even in a hit cartoon for adults about a guy and his family, the father finds a pair of red union suit pajamas for men in a store, hands the clerk a blank check and never wants to take them off after he puts them on. You may feel weird at first when you try on a set of menís union suit pajamas, you may never want to take them off. Once you experience the comfort, get a laugh at the butt-flap, and realize how insanely cozy they are, you might even try to make an excuse on why you should wear them to work. When you combine the comfort of the union suits for men with the fun prints from Lazy One Pajamas, you get a winning combination that heíll love and youíll love to see him in. Check out our styles from Lazy One below and youíll find everything from classic red union suits for men to different colors and styles of menís union suits that match his personality and that heíll love forever. We also offer matching union suits for men, women and kids, so the whole family can enjoy them during a vacation or the holidays and if you take a picture youíll always get a good laugh when you look through your photo albums.

Red Union Suits for Men

Although I cannot find the actual reason why the original styles were all red union suits for men, we do know one thing; they were made for functionality. Invented in the mid to late 1800ís, flannel union suits for men became an instant win for workers that were out in the freezing cold weather and just needed something to keep warm. Instead of asking for a giant co-worker sandwich, there was an easier way to keep the weather at bay and get their work done. That way was union suit underwear and pajamas, and once the guys tried them on, menís union suit pajamas became a hit. Menís union suits are more form fitting than loose PJs and donít cover your feet like footed styles. This allows you to easily slip on socks and work boots. They cover and help to insulate your body, keeping it warm without restricting your hands and feet so you can get your work done with less issues than multiple layers of thick coats and pants. The butt-flap in the back of the PJs enables you to stay warm and be able to use the restroom more efficiently while keeping your legs covered and warm. Because menís union suit pajamas and underwear are comfy and cover your body, you can wear them beneath your clothing for an added layer of material to help protect you from harsh, cold weather. The invention of union suits for men was an amazing one, and the style has never faded. Menís union suit pajamas make the perfect gift for the guy who has everything, and instead of only being able to buy red union suits for men, they now come in a variety of colors, patterns and prints.