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Men's Sleepwear

Urban legend has it, that you can tell a manís character by the sleepwear that he wears. For example, are you the type of guy who wears woodland green camouflage pajamas to bed or are you the type of guy that wears coat-style pajamas to bed? One guy might be the rough and tumble type. The other guy might be the suave and debonair type. Whatever type of personality you might happen to be, you will most likely be able to find the right type of menís pajamas on sale in our menís sleepwear section.

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Letís say that you live in a city and happen to be the suave and debonair type. Maybe slipping into a nice pair of our Comfort Zone menís pajamas is just what you need. These are our most popular pajamas because of their quality construction and comfortable fit. Our menís pajamas come in a wide variety of styles, prints, designs, and sizes. Maybe you are the type that drinks a cup of morning Joe and watches the sun come up over the forests and snowy mountains right out your back porch. You might be interested in wearing our Lazy One union suits or Big Feet footed flannel pajamas. These PJs will keep you snug and warm on those cool mountain mornings. Browse through the large assortment of menís pajamas inside our menís sleepwear section.

Are you the type of man that prefers a white waffle spa robe or red and black plaid flannel robe? When you browse our menís robe section you will see a huge assortment to choose from. For example maybe you are looking for a light weight fancy spa type robe or maybe a heavy thick fleece or flannel type robe. Look no further, because it is in our menís robe section. You can even find novelty robes with different famous cartoon or movie characters. Lounging comfortably in a warm robe is the perfect way to spend some down time after working hard all day. Remember: "Robes = Relaxation"

Menís sleepwear on sale

Pajamas and robes are great for keeping the upper body and extremities warm, but donít forget the feet. When shopping in our menís sleepwear section you can see an area that is dedicated just to menís slippers. Slippers are where a manís personality really shines through. Some guys will enjoy our Perry Ellis or Dockers type classic design slippers. Other guys will feel at home in our fuzzy grizzly bear paw slippers or maybe some Homer Simpson slippers. Some men really like our animal slippers. Check out our Crazy for Bargains brand animal slipper selection. Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! Comfy Feet slippers have alligators, sharks, dinosaurs, dragons, and every other animal or creature that might have set foot on the ark. Browse through our menís slipper section and you will find the right slipper for you.

If you really look into a manís soul, then look at his underwear. Every man knows that he can express his true individuality by the underwear he chooses to wear. Remember, "Mr. suave and debonair"? Yes, he may go to work in a $2,000 dollar Italian designer suit, but hidden under those designer threads is a red pair of Lazy One boxer shorts that have a picture of the butt of a bear and huge caption "Bear Cheeks". Not every man that is a waffle spa robe type of guy wears serious underwear! Some men like our traditional style boxer shorts. Some men prefer cotton briefs. When you browse through the menís boxer short section you will see a huge variety of styles, prints, and sizes of underwear. Remember, that it is the underwear section where you can go crazy and select a pair of outrageous underwear. No one at work will ever see them!

When you shop for menís sleepwear on sale on our website, you will be able to choose from a huge selection of pajamas, robes, slippers, underwear, shower wraps, and more. Men have as many personalities and preferences as there are varieties of menís sleepwear. Whether you a camouflage jammie type of guy or a coat-style pajama type of guy, you will find the right menís sleepwear to match your personality at or website. (Remember, if you are feeling a little dangerous and mischievous, make sure you check out the menís boxer short section as well.)

Happy Shopping!

The Murphy Family