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Customers buy red footed matching family pajamas primarily as Christmas or Valentine’s Day gifts. But the color red is also a great gift for birthdays or anniversaries. Red fleece pajamas are appropriate as a gift for the entire year.

How many unwanted Christmas gifts have your received over the years? Like the croqueted sweater with a large applique of a cross-eyed snowman sewn on front. Or how about those candy-caned striped socks with the sleigh bells attached at the toes? Remember wearing those socks waking up the entire house every time you used the bathroom at night? Forget about crazy Christmas presents this year! Purchase these red footed pajamas that everyone will love. Dress the entire family in these red footed matching family pajamas and take a photo in front of the Christmas tree. It will make a great holiday photo, which can be emailed to all your relatives and friends.

These Big Feet brand pajamas are constructed with a high quality micro-fleece fabric, which resist pilling when washed and dried. The material is soft, warm, and cozy. The sizing comes in both adult and children’s sizes. The adult pajamas button up the front and the kids pajamas zip up the front. The adult pajamas have a nice drop seat for those late night calls to the restroom (don’t worry there are no sleigh bells attached). The footed feet have a light elastic at the ankle and a non-slip sole.

For Valentine’s Day buying his and her red footed pajamas is something everyone needs to do at least once. Gifts of flowers and chocolates are for those that are unimaginative, boring, and staid. Bust out of the rut, and try something new this Valentine’s Day. Buy some his and her matching red fleece pajamas. Unlike flowers or chocolates, these quality built red footed matching family pajamas will be a Valentine’s Day gift that will last for years to come.