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Navy Footed Matching Family Pajamas

These Big Feet brand navy footed matching family pajamas will make a fun gift that you will remember year after year. They are available in both adult and children sizes, so that the entire family can join in the fun.

These footed pajamas are one-piece with long sleeves and long footed legs. The feet have a non-slip soles. The adult pajamas button up the front while the children pajamas zip up the front. On the back of the adult pajamas there is a handy drop seat so that you donít need to get cold when you are using the facilities. The fabric is 100% micro-polar fleece, high quality fabric that resist pilling when washed and dried. In addition, the childrenís pajamas has fabric that is flame resistant.

A great benefit to buying navy blue is that it is a dark, neutral color. Both adults and children, and men and women, can easily wear these navy footed matching family pajamas. Navy is a great color if you wish to purchase these Big Feet pajamas as a gift.

Typically, customers will buy red and green fleece pajamas during the Christmas season. Navy fleece pajamas are popular during birthdays, anniversaries, or family reunion type parties. Anyone can buy flowers or chocolates for their anniversary. But why settle for the same old boring gift year after year? Flowers wilt and are gone in just a few days. Change it up a little, and purchase matching his and hers navy blue fleece footed pajamas instead. They are warm, comfortable, and will last for years as a gift instead of just a few days. For family reunions everyone chips in a little money for food and amenities. For just a little more money, you can outfit everyone in navy footed matching family pajamas.