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Our selection of men's lounge pants includes cartoon and novelty prints as well as plaid flannel styles. Our flannel styles include Calvin Klein brand lounge pants in a variety of plaids. Cartoon print lounge pants include Scooby Doo, Homer Simpson and more.

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Sizing Information for Men's Lounge Pants:

• Small = 28 to 30" waistband
• Medium = 32 to 34" waistband
• Large = 36 to 38" waistband
• Extra large = 40 to 42" waistband

Lounge Pants

Different guys have different pieces of clothing that they view as their favorite, but just about any guy can agree: a nice, warm, comfortable pair of lounge pants is always high up on the list. These days, in fact, most guys just cannot imagine spending a morning (or afternoon, or evening) without donning a cherished pair of pj pants. This is why buying a pair of lounge pants for men is a terrific idea for a gift – be it for a birthday, holiday, or any other occasion (or just because!).

Our selection of lounge pants has to be seen to be believed. We offer a wide variety of pants in a variety of styles, colors, designs, and materials. There is sure to be a pair of pants for just about every guy out there, no matter what their taste may be. You can go down the traditional route and buy a comfortable pair of plaid, striped, print, or solid flannel pajamas from Calvin Klein, for low prices starting at $13.99. Or, you can buy print pajamas with designs such as Superman, Family Guy, The Simpsons, and others. No matter what pair you choose, our lounge pants for men are a must for any bedroom.

Make the next gift you buy yourself or a guy in your life something they’ll enjoy, appreciate, and use. The comfortable and attractive lounge pants we offer fit that description to a tee. Browse through our selection and find the right pair of pants for your next purchase. With these lounge pants for men, you cannot go wrong.