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Check Out Our Warm Footed Pajamas for Adults and Kids!

Are you searching for a Little Me footie? Our selection of Little Me brand footed pjs includes lightweight footed sleepers made of polyester knit fabric and warm blanket sleepers made of fleecy, warm polyester. Sizes range from 3 months to 18 months. Our favorite styles include blanket sleepers with fun embellishments on the feet, such as pretend sneakers. We recommend washing the blanket sleepers inside out to avoid pilling.

Important Sizing Information for Little Me Footies Sleepers:

• Size 3 months: Best for babies up to 24" long and 12 pounds
• Size 6 months: Best for babies 24-27" long and 12-16 pounds
• Size 9 months: Best for babies 27-29" long and 16-18 pounds

Find the Perfect Footed Pajama or Blanket Sleeper for Baby

Have a little one of your own and want to find the most comfortable pajamas on the market? You have come to the right place! A Little Me footie is one of the most comfortable and age-appropriate sleepwear items for little children between the ages of three months and twenty four months. Available in a wide variety of styles, materials, and patterns, these Little Me footed pajamas will keep your baby snug and warm for sweet slumber. Just browse the selection of pajamas available to you and choose the perfect set of comfy pajama sleepers for your child or children.

A Little Me footie is designed with your baby in mind. You can choose between two different types of sleepers for your child: lightweight sleepers made from polyester knit fabric, or warm, cozy pajamas made from fleecy polyester material. These polyester garments are also flame-resistant. We have sleepers for boys and girls alike, anything from red striped bear Little Me pajamas or green striped dinosaur sleepers for boys to pink monkey blanket sleepers or pink princess sleepers for girls. All of these sets come in a variety of sizes, and are all incredibly affordable for just about any budget. No matter what your child needs may be, we have adorable pajamas for you.

When looking for the perfect set of sleepwear for your precious baby, buy only the best, most comfortable sets with the cutest colors, patterns, and decorations. After all, nothing but the best is good enough for your child. Look to our Little Me pajamas and Little Me footed pajamas for the gold standard in baby sleepwear for any budget, big or small. Find the cozy and comfortable pajamas set you want to keep your baby snug as a bug. Buy your baby’s next Little Me footie today – and save money!