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Lazy One Red Check Union Suit for Adults

Item #: 38463


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Some folks call them "union suits", others call them "long johns", there’s even some people that call them "flap jacks”. In our family we call pancakes…"flap jacks", but I guess it depends on what location of the United States you grew up in. What better way to wake up on the weekend, than wearing this Lazy One red plaid union suit, sitting down and eating a short stack of fresh off the grill "flap jacks" with real maple syrup? Just the thought of it makes me hungry, wish it were the weekend already, and wish I was already wearing my red plaid union suit.

Some folks call this a red "plaid" union suit and others call it a red "check" union suit. "Check" from the word "checkered" like the checkered flag they wave at the finish at a racecar event. This plaid union suit is a real winner, so maybe "check" is a better name. These one piece pajamas have long sleeves and long legs. They button up the front, making them a breeze to get on and off. Speaking of a cool breeze, this union suit has a drop seat, which allows you to keep your body covered up and warm while still allowing you to take care of important business in the restroom. The drop seat is located at the back and has three buttons that keep it secured. There is a funny print on the drop seat of two bears, showing off their rumps, with the caption printed above "Bear Cheeks". The pajamas are 100% cotton knit fabric that is machine washable, and easy to care for. Black jersey knit fabric trim is at the arm cuffs, leg cuffs and neckline. A small bear paw print is located on the front right chest of the union suit.

This union suit is made for both men and women. If you are looking for a great gift for the spouse or your significant other then consider buying one for yourself and one for your partner. Of course, the first thing couples do when they wear their matching red plaid union suit is to whip out the cell phone and take a selfie and post it on the internet. If you really want to dazzle your friends on the internet, post a second photo with the selfie of a "behind" shot showing of the "Bear Cheeks" caption and print. (Note: make sure that the drop seat is in the fastened closed position before taking this second photo and posting it on the internet).

If you enjoy sleeping in on the weekends, pancakes with maple syrup, or posting crazy photos on the Internet, then this red check union suit is just the ticket for you. This red plaid union suit is comfortable, warm, and is perfect for relaxing during every day of the week.

• 100% cotton fabric
• Drop seat secures with three buttons
• Buttons up the front
• Size XS is a teen size