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Laura Dare Nightgowns

We can't help but love our fun, Laura Dare brand girl's sleepwear. Laura Dare nightgowns include both traditional prints and funky modern designs. Laura Dare make something for everyone. Your feminine girl with love the delicate pink nightgowns and jammies. Your sassy girl will love the animal prints and polka dot designs. Another fun option for sassy girls are petty skirts and tank tops. These sets come with tiers of bright fabrics on the tank tops. Laura Dare also makes beautiful holiday prints for the Christmas season. We also love this brand because it is made right here in the USA. Learn more at our Laura Dare Sleepwear for Girls Buyer's Guide. Watch our Laura Dare videos for more product information. Made in the USA!

We can't help but love our fun, Laura Dare brand girls’ sleepwear. The well-known brand makes something for every type of little girl, from delicate pink nightgowns and jammies to sassy animal prints and polka dot designs. Your daughter will love getting ready for bed in the beautiful sleepwear.

These designs are available in a variety of styles, including pajama sets and nightgowns. Laura Dare nightgowns are styled similarly to dresses, and come in tank top and spaghetti strap varieties. The pajama sets are available in spaghetti strap or long-sleeve styles. Whatever the weather is, your daughter will be warm and comfortable thanks to the large variety of designs offered by the brand.

Laura Dare styles change with the seasons, and different fabric patterns are available throughout the year. Holiday prints are popular during the Christmas season, and bright prints are favored in the warmer months.

The brand is committed to supporting the local economy, and all of the garments are made right here in the USA. Choosing a domestic product ensures that you’re getting clothing that meets all federal standards for safety, and comes from an ethical source. Each product is carefully crafted to ensure quality and durability. Learn more in our Laura Dare Sleepwear for Girls Buyer's Guide or watch our Laura Dare videos for more product information.

Shop at Crazy For Bargains for all of your Laura Dare sleepwear needs. You’ll love the high-quality, beautiful sleepwear for girls, and your daughter will love the comfort and creativity of each unique piece. The beautiful sleepwear is unlike anything else on the market, and is as special as your little girl. For the quality you expect, and the comfort your daughter craves, choose shop our store for sleepwear for girls!