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Men's Pajamas

If youíre looking for Menís Pajamas, youíve come to the right store. always has a giant selection of pajamas for men including the hottest designers, styles and materials to keep him happy, comfy and sleeping well at night. With 100ís of styles to choose from, you will find the perfect sleepwear for him and with our low prices and great deals on shipping, you wonít have to break your bank. Guys can be picky with their PJs which is why we carry a huge selection. Browse below or call us and weíll find the perfect pair for your guy!

Footed Pajamas for Men
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Broadcloth Pajamas
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Union Suits for Men
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Men's Cotton Pajamas
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Valentine's Day Pajamas for Men
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Christmas Pajamas for Men
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St. Patrick's Day Sleepwear
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How to buy sleepwear for men

We all know how tricky it is to buy sleepwear for men that will keep him happy and let him get a great nightís sleep. However, if the fabrics are to warm, not warm enough or the colors are wrong, you may have a hard time getting him to wear his new sleepwear. Thatís why we want to help you figure out the perfect pair of PJs that heíll love. The first thing to do is to think about his style.

If he likes flannel pajamas for men you should think about the colors or patterns. They are all extremely comfortable and great for all seasons. If he complains about not being comfortable at night, you may want to try footed pajamas for him. They might look funny at first, but once we tries them on heíll realize what heís been missing by not sleeping wrapped in some of the most comfortable material in the world. If he just doesnít like plain looking PJs, you could try buying novelty pajamas for men with his favorite sports team, different beer logos or even cartoons and superhero sleepwear for men. Many are made from cotton or polyester blends making them comfy and fashionable, at least for his tastes.

Menís Pajamas Sizes

Now that you have the fabric and style picked out, you need to figure out the sizes that are perfect for him. If you are looking for footed pjs, they usually run for three different sizes. You want to think about the waist, chest and inseam. If it is flannel, cotton, lounge pants or novelty, think about what he wears when he is relaxing. If he likes loose fitting clothing, you could try moving up one size if you are buying fitted pajamas for men. If they are lounge pants or two piece pjs, you should stick with the sizing charts that you can find on every product page. They tend to run a little bit big which helps them to feel more comfortable and allow him to relax. By finding the pair you want and clicking on the size link under the sizes drop down, youíll see the exact size heíll need.

Trying to buy menís pajamas used to be tricky. You had to figure out what style and size he wanted and also what fabrics he would actually wear. Thanks to the internet you can now search through our gigantic inventory of in style and in stock pajamas for men to find the perfect pair that will help him to finally get a full nightís sleep. Come back regularly to find new styles to keep him happy because when he wakes up relaxed in the morning, everyone has a better day!