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Girl's Infant Pajamas

Perfect Infant Sleepwear and Baby Pajamas
Infants have unique sleepwear needs. Their pajamas must be soft, warm, comfortable, and most of all, safe. We carry a large selection of girls’ infant sleepwear to meet all of those demands while still looking adorable.

Style is an important factor for most parents when choosing pajamas for their baby girl. Our pajamas and sleepwear feature fun prints and cute, child-friendly designs. Many feature prints of favorite characters and television shows. All of the pajamas are feminine and pretty, just like your baby girl.

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Besides style, sleepwear for infants must be comfortable. Your infant daughter can’t tell you if she’s uncomfortable, so it’s important to choose pajamas that are soft, easy to move in, and warm. Stretchy fabrics, elastic ankles, and breathable materials are featured in all of our designs for the most comfortable collection of sleepwear available anywhere on the internet!

Our collection of girls’ infant sleepwear also meets all normal safety standards. The materials used in the pajamas are flame resistant. The garments fit snugly enough that they don’t pose a suffocation risk, and there are no small parts that could become a choking hazard. You may also want to consider purchasing footed pajamas for cold nights if your baby girl tends to kick her covers off!

Our high-quality, safe, and comfortable pajamas and sleepwear for infant girls will let both you and your baby get a good night’s sleep! You’ll love the combination of comfort, durability and style, while your daughter will love the soft materials and snug fitting design!

Tips for selecting the perfect pair of pajamas for your baby girl. 1) Consider the fabric. Polyester pajamas for children are loose fitting. They are also flame resistant. Cotton pajamas for children over 9 months need to be snug fitting to the child's skin. 2) Consider purchasing footed pajamas. If your baby girl tends to kick her blanket off at night, footed sleeper pajamas can be a good choice. Footed pajamas over nine months are normally made of polyester as they are loose fitting.

Looking for a classic, feminine look for your baby girl? Our Laura Dare brand pajamas, sleepers and nightgowns for infant girls are not to be missed. Laura Dare sleepwear also makes a special gift for nieces, grandchildren and friends. Laura Dare sleepwear comes in soft feminine and bold animal prints. It is made of flame resistant polyester and is made in the U.S.A.

Cartoon print pajamas are also fun options for baby girls. Customer favorites include Elmo, Disney Princess, and Dora the Explorer. Choose from snug fitting cotton and traditional coat-style pjs.