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When you think of Homer Simpson you think "average Joe". Homer is the everyman's man. Seems like in movies these days, you see two extremes when men are up on the silver screen. The first is a cartoon superhero type. This is the type of guy who can run faster than an Olympian, shoot the gnat off a pencil at a hundred yards while jumping from a moving car, and beat up dozen super villains single handedly. The other extreme, is a the touchy feely guy that talks about his feelings all the time, sports clothing from high end fashion design stores, and drives european cars, and goes to art galleries and book signings.

When you purchase a pair of our Homer Simpson boxer shorts you will not be a cartoon superhero or a limp metro euro navel gazer. When you put on our Simpson sleepwear, you will be a regular guy with regular interests and appetites. Homer looks like your neighbor down the block, with his balding head, slight beer paunch, and glazed eyes after one too many beers. But just like that friendly neighbor guy down the block, just because his desires are simple does not necessarily mean that he is stupid. When you slip on a pair of our Homer Simpson boxer shorts or our Homer Simpson slippers, you are showing a solidarity with your typical American male counter parts. Wearing Homer Simpson sleepwear shows that you have simple desires, but you are not necessarily stupid. Not all of us need to babble about the latest greatest European painter, to be a show off smarty pants! Your average Joe Bambootz can display signs of wiliness just like a fox sometimes. When wearing our Homer Simpson boxer shorts you might surprise yourself with bouts of brilliance, at half time while watching the game.

All our Homer Simpson boxer shorts are one hundred percent cotton. No euro silk briefs for you, but good plain and sturdy cotton. What real guy would buy boxers that need to be dry cleaned? Our Simpson sleepwear is loose fitting, practical and comfortable. Our Homer Simpson boxer shorts are the antithesis of those skimpy banana hammocks that you see movie stars and metropolitan gym rats wearing these days. Order some Homer Simpson slippers to go with those boxers. Remember that all orders $40 or more are shipped for free within the continental United States.

Simpson Sleepwear

Sometimes it feels like a struggle just to be a normal guy in America these days. Everything you see on television or in the movies is about movie versions of what a guy is suppose to be. When you don our Homer Simpson boxer shorts, you no longer need to second guess yourself on what it is to be a normal guy. Wearing Simpson sleepwear reinforces the fact, that it is okay not to have a superhero body and super athletic skills. Putting on a pair of Homer Simpson boxer shorts let's you know that it is okay to watch the sports game on television and not have to talk about your inner child or spout off about the latest and greatest Pulitzer prize winner. See our great selection of Simpson sleepwear today and know that it is okay to be an average Joe.