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Hello Kitty Pajamas, Footie Pajamas, and Robes for Juniors

Hello Kitty made her debut back in 1974, which was forty years ago. This popular feline has been featured on products as small as a coin purse and as large as an Airbus. Our Hello Kitty Footie Pajamas for Women follow in a long tradition that features this spunky little cat, sporting her red bow. See our great selection of Hello Kitty Pajamas, lounge pants, robes, and more!

They say it is the "quiet ones" that you need to watch the closest. Hello Kitty was intentionally created without a mouth, by Japanese designer Yuko Shimizu. When you slip into a pair of our Hello Kitty Footie Pajamas for Women you might become a little like Hello Kitty. You will appear quite and well behaved at first glance, but secretly mischievous and spirited when people are not looking. Hello Kitty is not your typical anime character. Most anime characters are of the slash, bash, and burn type. Kitty is complex. Many quickly recognize that Hello Kitty does not need to speak with her mouth, because she always speaks from her heart. When you wear our Hello Kitty Pajamas you too will feel the warmth and comfort of these pajamas that make you want to speak from the heart.

Hello Kitty Pajamas

Our Hello Kitty Footie Pajamas for Women remind one of a real Japanese bobtail cat. The Japanese bobtail cat is a unique breed that is known for their intelligence. Obviously, our customers are intelligent of good character who purchase our Hello Kitty pajamas. The Japanese bobtail cat likes water. After a nice long bath, woman love to put on their Hello Kitty Footie Pajamas for Women. This route of bath then Hello Kitty pajamas makes women feel "Zen-like". Japanese bobtail cats are normally featured with one raised paw, like they are saying "Hello". This is a historical symbol of good luck and auspiciousness. When you slip into these Hello Kitty Footie Pajamas you too might feel auspicious and lucky.

Hello Kitty is a multidimensional character. You won’t find her in two-dimensional action movies called "Claws of Fury" or "Leaping Tabby Hidden Dragon". Before you purchase any pair of pajamas you need to ask yourself, "How do I want them to make me feel? What type of character and qualities will these pajamas inspire within me?"

Do you want to be quiet, but secretly mischievous and spirited? Do you want your good deeds to speak louder than words? Do you want to project intelligence and an aura of good character? Do you want to feel auspicious and lucky? Then you should seriously consider purchasing our Hello Kitty pajamas. We cannot guarantee that you will become like Hello Kitty or a white Japanese bobtail cat. But life is full of enumerable possibilities, so why not try our Hello Kitty Footie Pajamas for Women? Consider buying more than one pair of Hello Kitty Pajamas, since all orders have free shipping for purchases of $40 or more.