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Always Secure is pleased to bring you an amazing selection of Happy Feet Slippers! Happy Feet is a premium slipper brand, well known for their fun and oversized slippers. We have over a dozen animals to choose from, so no matter which furry friend you prefer, youíll find the perfect companion for your feet!

Thereís something incredibly comforting about wearing animal slippers. When you think of oversized slippers, you think of plush, warm footwear that you can wear while relaxing around the house. Many people feel more relaxed and at ease while wearing their animal slippers.

When you choose Happy Feet Slippers, you choose quality. Happy Feet Slippers are made with a one inch thick foam sole, and feature non-skid bottoms for extra traction on a variety of surfaces. The slippers are created by experienced designers, who capture the unique characteristics of each animal and transform the slippers into a work of art.

More importantly than the cute exterior is the warm and cozy interior. Our plush Happy Feet oversized Slippers will keep your toes warm and your feet comfortable all year long. Wear them in the winter to ward off the cold, or in the summer as you greet each new day.

Fuzzy animal slippers have a timeless appeal thatís appropriate for people of all ages. Whether youíre a mother, a child, or a grandfather, youíll enjoy the humor and cuddly appeal of Happy Feet Slippers. We offer our slippers in a range of sizes to fit everyone in your entire family. Get matching slippers or pick a unique animal for each person; the choices is yours!

Watch the Arrival of the Happy Feet Slippers We just recently started carrying the Happy Feet line of animal slippers. Here is a brief video of when they first arrived in our warehouse: