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Halloween Sleepover Party Ideas for Kids

Having a kids Halloween sleepover party and running out of ideas? We’re here to help! We’ve thrown out the bobbing for apples and added in a ton of new twists to make Halloween pajama parties more exciting. Here are 10 fun things including foods, games and giveaways that will help give you enough Halloween pajama party ideas for kids to throw the perfect spooky soiree.

DIY Haunted Houses Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Activity 1: Creating a haunted house and yard. For these fun Halloween pajama party ideas for kids, you’ll need to split them into two teams. One team has the garage or the outside and the other gets the basement or attic. The goal for them, which they won’t know until step 2. Is that they are creating a haunted house for a fabulous and fun Halloween pajama party for kids.

1. If you want to bring out their creativity with the sleepover Halloween party ideas for kids, you may want to try adding in glow sticks to the party. Glowsticks can be used for safety or fun, but with this fun Halloween pajama party ideas for kids, they’ll take the fright out of finding the monsters by helping the monsters hide under the beds and in the woods. Provide each team of kids with equal amounts of toilet paper rolls. Have them draw out where the eyes go and the shapes of the eyes like they would mark on a jack-o-lantern. Now you cut out the eye holes and have them tape in a colored glow stick just below the eye holes on the bottom of the toilet paper roll. Once you place this in a bush, hang it from a tree or hide it under a bed, spooky eyes will be peering out in different colors to scare you. Now give the kids fake blood, face paint and even some fun arts and crafts supplies to make witches and ghosts and have them decorate the rest of their room.

2. The next step in the haunted house or yard is to have the team create a background story for the monsters eyes, witches, zombies, werewolves and other monsters they’ve created. They now have to tell this story to either a group of neighbors or to the other team. Only one team is going to go first and must select their best story teller to scare the group about to visit their haunted house. Now we’ll go to number 3. and then come back for the other team to repeat steps 2 and 3.

3. Now that the other team or group of neighbors is scared, it’s time for the storyteller to walk them through the haunted house or yard. Each of the kids will have their scary makeup on and be hiding to scare the group walking through. For each scream the host must make a check mark on a piece of paper. Whichever team has the most screams after the group of visitors to the haunted area wins the contest. Once the first group has made it through the haunted house or yard, it’s time for the second team to tell their scary story and guide the group through their area. Once the group has walked through both, the kids now get to visit each others. The reason you don’t want them to see each other’s haunted houses is because you want them to use their own ideas and not copy anyone else.

Spooky Halloween Pajama Party Food ideas for Kids.

4. Mummies in a blanket.

We all love the small pig in a blanket appetizers and making them for a spooky sleepover is just as fun. All you need for this perfectly piggy Halloween pajama party food idea are a couple packages of small sausages or hot dogs, a few things of premade croissant dough and either poppy seeds, black icing or mustard. Take the croissant dough and slice it into strips. Now wrap the strips around the sausage leaving small gaps, overlapping in certain parts and leaving a space in between the top and the middle for a face. Now bake these until cooked at 350 and when they come out and have cooled off, add on eyes with either black icing, poppy seeds or even little dots of mustard. How is that for fun Halloween pajama party food ideas for kids or even adults?

5. Meringue and marshmallow ghosts or zombies. This is easy for anyone, even if you don’t want to make your own Meringue. Take either or both of the candies and place them on a table. Grab food coloring pens and draw on eyes, scars and blood with them. You can add X’s for mouths, hair and other scary things for the marshmallows and for the Meringue, just add circles for eyes and a scary shape or oval for a mouth. Now you have a light and white scary gaggle of ghouls for your party guests. These are some of the most popular spooky Halloween party ideas for kids when it comes to fun foods they’ll love to eat.

6. Jack-o-Lantern caramel apples. These are fun for the kids and adults. Make sure you either have the adults use the carving knives or if the kids are old enough and you have adult supervision, they can do it. You’ll need two apples and a kids pumpkin carving kit for each kid and a few pounds of caramel. The first thing you’ll need to do is to take the apples and have the kids mark a scary face on it with the carving kit. Now cut the top of the apple off and then hallow it out with a spoon, scoop or other device (this should be done by the adults). Now cut out the faces of the jack-o-lanterns. After you will take an apple slicer and slice the second apple. While the apples are being carved, have another adult melt the caramels in a sauce pan (you can find a recipe of your choice online easily) and then place the carved apple on a plate. Place the apple slices around the carved apple and when the caramel is melted, pour it through the top of the carved apples so it comes out of the mouth. Now the kids have a fun way to eat caramel apples that look like jack-o-lanterns.

Kids Halloween Pajama Party Game Ideas

Kids Halloween pajama party game ideas are easy to come up with. You just need to think of how to take something that is normally fun and turn it into a scary or spooky game. You can do this with food coloring, adding glow sticks or bringing in witches and monsters. Then change the names to add in something scary and you have some of the coolest kids Halloween pajama party game ideas for kids that everyone will love.

7. Witches brew and blood bowling. This is one of the most fun kids Halloween party game ideas that everyone will love. Take ten empty plastic water bottles and fill them with water. Now take green food coloring or red food coloring and a green or red glow stick and drop them in each bottle. Next find a ball that is about as big as the bottles and is a little bit heavy. Set the bottles across the room or yard and have the kids compete against each other to see who can get the most pins down. You can set up side challenges like if the kids get a strike and the ball lands in a circle past the pins they get extra points. At the end of the game, see who wins with the most points and they can get a prize.

8. Buried bones and zombies. This one is a bit tricky. You’ll either need a kids pool or a few large pots and dry ice or a fog machine. Take a bunch of fun prizes and giveaways like costume accessories, candy like chocolate eyeballs, wax lips or vampire fangs and hide them across the yard or in your basement. Take the dry ice or the fog machine and make a thick fog across the floor so that it is hard to see the floor. Now have the kids go around and try to find the candy. It’s almost list a piñata, but no one has to swing a stick, they just have to dig through the fog in the graveyard to find the candy and prizes. (You’ll want to make sure they know there is nothing in the buckets with dry ice since that is very dangerous if it touches your skin.)

9. Build a monster in the graveyard. Since you already have the fog machine or dry ice and water, you can try another game. Have 5 different monsters that have the same number of parts. You can do a vampire with a vampire toy, fangs, a coffin, a suit and a cape or a witch with a hat, a broom, a spell book, black dress and a cauldron and then make three more monsters. Now take those monsters’ weaknesses like garlic cloves for the vampire and scatter all of the body parts and belongings across the room or in your yard. Have each of the monsters written on a piece of paper in a bowl and each team picks one. The piece of paper will have the monster and their parts as well as their weaknesses. Now start the fog again and the teams have to find all of their monsters items from the sheet without finding their weaknesses.

If they do find a weakness for another monster, they can walk up to the person watching the game and say I found XYZ weakness and it is for team XYZ’s monster. If they get the right monster with the right team, the person watching the game takes the weakness and gives the person who found the weakness a piece of the monster the team has already found. The person who found the weakness then gets to hide the other teams monster part somewhere back in the yard and the weakness stays out of the game. If the team finds their own weakness and brings it up, that person is out of the game until their team finds another team’s weakness and gets it right. Whichever team gets all of the items on their monster’s list wins the game.

Halloween Pajama Party Favor Ideas

Halloween pajama party favor ideas can be fun but also tricky. Some kids have allergies or can’t eat certain foods. Because of that you may want to avoid giving away food or candy, they’ll also have had enough at the party to get them through the week. Instead, why not buy matching or fun styles of Halloween pajamas that look like costumes for the kids. Here are a few ideas and when you order the styles in bulk, we offer custom pricing.

List superhero slippers and pajama sets that look like costumes. You can match the superman pajamas with superman slippers, spiderman pajamas with spiderman slippers and Disney princess pajamas with Disney princess slippers. Start them at whatever intervals you need them at and have a size chart. You can also show the pajamas separate from the slippers and have the discount based on quantity of each as well.

Halloween pajama party ideas for kids are some of the most fun to come up with. By taking every day games and foods and adding in something scary, you can create amazing kids Halloween party foods and games that everyone will love. By giving away sets of Halloween pajamas and slippers for the kids, they can all have something that they’ll love to take home and show off after the party.