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Animal Slippers Buyer’s Guide

I am looking for a pair of animal slippers, but I don’t even know where to start.

There are two ways to start looking for the perfect pair of animal slippers—by animal or by fit.

If you are looking for a specific type of animal, that makes things easy. Our most popular animal include:

Bunny Slippers
Bear Paw Slippers
Cow Slippers
Dog Slippers
Pig Slippers

Sometimes people look for a specific fit or style of slippers. For instance, do you want a slip on slippers? Or do you prefer a slipper that will cover your entire foot like a shoe?

Our favorite slip on animal slippers include:

White Bunny Slippers
Dalmatian Slippers
Turtle Slippers

Our most popular animal slippers that cover the entire foot include:

Black Bear Slippers

Do you have animal slippers that will fit men?

Yes. Just check in our men’s slippers section. Be sure to read the sizing information carefully on each product page.

Do you have animal slippers for toddlers and kids?

Yes. Just check our children’s slippers and toddlers slippers sections.

Can I wear my animal slippers outside?

We do not recommend it. Our animal slippers are not designed for outdoor use.

Can I wash my animal slippers?

You can surface wash the outside of your slippers with a soft cloth. We do not recommend putting your animal slippers in the washing machine.