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Glow in the Dark Sleepover Party for Boys

Light up sleepover parties for boys are a great theme. Not only do kids love things that glow in the dark, but if you have children who are afraid of the dark, they now have lights in the room to help fight their fears. Here are a few cool ideas that you can use to make a fun light up and glow in the dark sleepover party for boys.

Glow in the dark game ideas for a boy’s sleepover party

Bowling – Glow in the dark bowling is always a fun game. Take 10 bottles of water and place a glow stick inside each one. Then take a ball that lights up or blinks (you could also find a ball that you can place a glow stick inside of) and set up a mini bowling alley. Next, just create two teams and let them bowl over their glowing pins with the glowing balls.

Targets – Throwing things isn’t always safe so make sure you have a parent around to supervise. Take large glow in the dark necklaces and place them around the yard. Each one is worth a different amount of points, depending on how far away it is. Give each kid either 3 glow sticks or bean bags. Then, they get three chances to land their glow sticks inside the circles and whoever gets the most points at the end wins.

Scavenger hunt – Assign each team a color and provide each team with a different set of 10 clues that leads each team to 10 different things (for a total of 20 objects to hunt for between the two teams). At the location of each hidden object, they’ll find two glow sticks. Each team will need to light the glow stick that is their team’s color. If one team decides to cheat because they see the other team’s answer to a question and then lights their own color to save time, they lose a point. Because they don’t know that there are 20 riddles and objects (instead of just the ten they know about on their own hunts), you are the only one who knows who cheated and who actually wins. Make sure to have a parent with each team to make sure the other team doesn’t light the competing teams glow sticks.

Glow in the dark food and decoration ideas

Although you probably can’t make many things glow in the dark safely, here are a couple of cool things you can do to help make a glow in the dark sleepover party for boys more fun.

Glow in the dark ice cubes – If you don’t want to spend money on the plastic light up ice cubes for drinks try making ice cubes out of tonic water. When you place them under a black light, the tonic water ice cubes will look like they glow in the dark. If you use clear plastic cups, the whole cup will usually glow under a black light as well.

Glow in the dark balloons – One really cool effect is to take mini glow sticks and put them inside of balloons. If you use helium and the balloons are large enough, they could even float and glow. You can place them on the floor or in your yard. If people are coming to the party at night, hanging it off of your mailbox could be a fun way to let everyone know where your house is. These cool looking glow in the dark balloons are the perfect way to decorate for a boys glow in the dark sleepover party.

Glow stick chandeliers - This is a really great activity for a glow in the dark sleepover party for boys. Take two or three circles made of plastic or wire and tie them together so they hang horizontally at different levels. Then take your glow sticks and hang them on the wires so they go all the way around. Hang this from the ceiling in the middle of the room and you will have an amazing looking chandelier for a cool glow in the dark sleepover party for boys.

Glow in the dark sleepover parties for boys are some of the most fun. They can help kids that are afraid of the dark and provide kids with a ton of fun things to do. If you want a neat party favor you can either give out light saber and light up toys or you could find glow in the dark pajamas, Star Wars light saber pajamas, or any of the things we sell below.