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Listed below are our girls slippers that are currently on sale. There are both toddler and youth sized slippers on this page. Often confusion arises between toddler sizes and youth sizes. We have listed the Toddler and Youth slipper sizes in inches to alleviate some of the confusion.

The girl’s toddler slippers sizes are 5 through 13: (5= 4 13/16”, 6= 5 1/8”, 7= 5 ½”, 8= 5 13/16”, 9= 6 1/8” 10= 6”, 11= 6 13/16”, 12= 7 1/8”, 13= 7 ½”)

The girl’s youth size slippers are 1 through 8: (1= 7 13/16”, 2= 8 1/8”, 3= 8 ½”, 4= 8 13/16”, 5= 9 1/8”, 6= 9 ½”, 7= 9 13/16”, 8= 10 1/8”)

There are three broad categories of girl’s slippers. There are girl’s licensed slippers which will have popular cartoon characters such as those seen on television on the Disney or Nickelodeon channel. Cartoon slippers may include Minnie Mouse, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Frozen, Scooby Doo or Hello Kitty. (Selection may vary depending on availability.) There are girl’s animal slippers including dogs, frogs, pandas, monkeys, owls, penguins, and more. There are also non-licensed slippers. Prints may include hearts, colorful polka dots, butterflies, zebra stripes and leopard spots.

There are different slipper design styles. There are slip-on style slippers without a back. Sometimes these will be called scuffs or clogs, depending on the construction. There are slippers with a back, that you slip your foot into like a shoe. There are bootie style slippers, which come up above the ankle like a boot, but are soft and plush. There are thong style slippers which resemble a flip-flop or sandal, but are constructed with plush fabric. There are sock top slippers. These are slippers with a back (like a shoe) but have a jersey knit sock top that comes up and over the ankle. There are even slipper socks. These are thick woven socks with a non-slip soles, and some sort of ornamentation or print design. Many of the toddler size slippers will have a Velcro fastener over the arch of the foot to keep the slipper secured on the feet.

In general, most girl’s slippers are made with polyester fabric, which is knit or fleece construction. Slippers should be surfaced cleaned with a damp cloth. Most of the girl’s slippers are like adult slippers and have some cushioning on the bottom for walking and a non-skid sole. Another exception would be ballet style slippers, which are designed without cushioning. All the girl’s slippers sold at are designed for indoor use only.

Not all these styles, sizes and designs are listed in girls slippers clearance section. This page changes regularly because particular styles will sell out while new styles will be added. It is recommended to check back regularly to see what new slipper styles have been added to the girls slippers on sale page.

If you order $40 or more of girl’s slippers you will receive free shipping within the United States. Many customers will purchase a combination of both regular priced girl’s slippers and girl’s slippers on sale which allows them to receive the free shipping.