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Girl's Slippers

Kids love funny slippers. We have slippers to fit children from tiny infants to big kids. Customer favorites include animal slippers and cartoon characters. Please note that slipper sizes correspond to shoe sizes--not clothing sizes. See below for more information regarding sizing. Questions? Visit our Children's Slippers Information and Buyer's Guide.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Slippers for Children
Knowing the child's shoe size is essential when selecting childrens slippers. Toddler shoe sizes start at a 5-6 (for a very young girl of approximately 7 months to 1 year old) and range up to a size 13 (for a girl who is approximately 5 years old). For bigger kids, youth shoe sizes start at a size 1 (for approximately a 6 year old girl) and range to a size 3 (for approximately a 7 year old girl). Shoe sizes can vary greatly from child to child. These estimates are useful guidelines, but knowing the actual shoe size is best. Use the chart below for more assistance on selecting the correct slipper size for your girl.

There is one thing for sure when it comes to slippers: children love them! As long as they are fun (or funny), colorful, wacky, or marked with their favorite cartoon character, kids will go bonkers for a nice pair of childrens slippers. That is why we offer an extensive line of kids slippers for girls and boys. Give your child a gift he or she will be sure to enjoy with our slippers, made in a variety of styles and materials. With this huge selection, you are virtually assured to find the best girls slippers around.

We offer so many excellent girls slippers, it is hard to keep track sometimes! You may have the same problem, but once you start browsing through our collection, you will not be able to stop until you find the perfect pair of kids slippers for your child. If you are buying for a girl, we have festive and brightly colored girls slippers, Elmo, Zoe, and Dora the Explorer slippers for toddlers, as well as several other excellent options.

Let your children walk around in style and comfort with a pair of our warm and soft kids slippers. Find boys or girls slippers that match your child's wishes, and get kids slippers that your children will adore and never want to take off.

What Our Customers Say About Our Kids Slippers:

"Thank you SO much for the quick shipping, great deal, and adorable slippers! My daughter is thrilled with the pair I gave her now...she will get the second pair for Christmas.", Robyn