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Girl's Pajamas

Buying pajamas for girls is one of the most fun things for a Mom to do. You get to relive being a kid again and finding the perfect pair that make you feel young. At CrazyforBargains we have tons of styles for whatever she enjoys. We have nightgowns that look like a dress for a princess, girl’s pajamas that feature bright colored animal prints. Footed pajamas that will keep her snuggly and warm and even designer fashions for the little Diva or Fashionista in your family. You can even find matching robes to make her feel like a queen while she gets ready for bed. No matter what your little one likes, we have the perfect pajamas for girls at CrazyforBargains.

Girls Short Cotton Pajamas
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Girls Cotton Pajamas
4 styles
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Girl's Novelty Pajamas
6 styles
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Girls Footed Pajamas
25 styles
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Girl's Nightgowns
2 styles
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Pajama Pants for Girls
1 styles
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Girls Sale Pajamas
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Christmas Pajamas for Girls
8 styles
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Find the perfect PJs for Girls

Need helping finding the perfect PJs for girls? Let us help you by using our site or calling customer service. We feature hundreds of styles, brands and colors so we know we’ll have something that she’ll love. To make it even more fun, we also carry a giant selection of slippers for kids that match the pajamas and you can even find kids robes in almost every color and material. By matching all of her PJs together you can help her to not only enjoy getting ready for bed, but you can spark her imagination and help to get her off to dream land even faster. You can also make something boring like getting pajamas or bath robes fun by combining them with a fun bonding activity for you and your daughter.

By buying matching bathrobes and pajamas for girls at CrazyforBargains, you will be able to have a fun DIY spa day at home. Both of you can wake up in the morning in your matching PJs and come downstairs to a healthy breakfast wearing your matching robes. After that you can spend the day giving each other manicures and laughing while eating spa foods like cupcakes or chocolate. After a long day of pampering and watching movies, you’ll already be dressed for bed and she can go to sleep remembering the fun you had while you think about how nice it was to have a problem free day bonding with your daughter. It’s amazing how something as simple as pajamas for girls can create an entire day of bonding and fun for a mother and a daughter and how she may say thank you and want to do it again. Kids love to pretend to be grown up, and by doing something like buying matching Mom and Daughter pajamas for girls, you can have a bonding day like a DIY spa and really feel closer with your daughter. Look through our giant selection of Girl’s sleepwear and find the perfect pair of PJs that match the ones you have and get ready for an amazing day of bonding with your little one. You can also find a ton of other styles with her favorite animals, colors or even cartoons to make bed time a fun time and help make getting her ready for bed something she enjoys instead of something that means the day is over.