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Girl's Underwear

Girl's Body Suits
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Girls Body Suits and Thermal Sets

Welcome to the girls’ underwear section. There are three categories of girls’ underwear: Thermal Sets, Union Suits and Body Suits.

Thermal sets are two piece sets, with a long sleeved top and pant style bottoms. The top will have a crew neck design. Jersey knit fabric is at the arm cuffs and leg cuffs which prevent the sleeves and leg bottoms from sliding up. The fabric is either a 100% cotton or a cotton and polyester blend. Thermals often are dyed in solid colors. The fabric is woven in a honeycomb or waffle design, so that warm air is trapped in the air pockets between the weaves. Thermals are ideal for the cooler winter months, because they will keep the wearer warm.

Union Suits are a one-piece design and have long sleeves and long legs. What makes union suits distinctive is that they normally have a “drop seat” at the seat of the pants. The drop seat allows one to use the restroom when the air temperature is cool, without losing any significant body heat. The drop seat normally secures with buttons, Velcro or combination thereof. Union suits for infants will open and close with snaps attached on the inside leg seams (similar to a body suit). Union suits for older children button up the front (similar to adult union suits). Union suits generally will have a crew neck line, and jersey knit arm cuffs and leg cuffs to prevent slipping. Union suits prints are solid colors, plaids and even novelty designs. The fabric will be 100% cotton or a cotton polyester blend. Union suits are worn during the cooler months of the year.

Body Suits are designed for infants. These are a cotton or cotton blend knit fabric that is comfortable to wear. The Body suit is one piece and snaps and unsnaps along the inside leg seams. Some body suits will snap and unsnap at the back or shoulder to make the access easier. Body suits have colorful prints and novelty designs because they are often worn alone without outside clothing covering them. Parents like to dress their infant in a body suit that has a snappy appearance or adorned with a funny novelty print.