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Girl's Sleepwear

In Shakespeare’s As You Like It there is a monologue that starts off with "All the world’s a stage…" then goes on to describe the seven ages of man. The great bard could very well have written the seven ages of a girl. It is absolutely amazing how much tastes and preferences change from infant, toddler to girl. Luckily in our girl’s sleepwear section you will find just about any type of sleepwear that will meet your young lady’s tastes or preference.

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For example, in our girl’s pajama section you have Disney princess pajamas for toddlers, contrasted with pajamas with peace signs or skulls. Girl’s pajamas come in all types of designs. You will find infant, toddler, and girls sizes. We have footed one piece pajamas, two piece traditional coat style pajamas, shorty pajamas, long sleeved and long leg pajamas. Looking for whimsical animal print pajamas then check out our Lazy One brand pajamas. When you shop in our girl’s sleepwear section, you can pick Lazy One pajamas. For girl’s sleepwear on sale you might check out our clearance items. With the change of each season, we usually will put quality pajamas on clearance to prepare for the new season. New clearance items are constantly be added and all items sell out quickly.

Our girl nightgowns and nightshirts come in a wide variety. Maybe your girl wants the latest television cartoon character on her nightgown. Maybe it is all about elegance and chic, like in our Laura Dare nightgowns. In our girl’s sleepwear section you can find famous brands like Disney, Lazy One, Laura Dare and more. You can choose nightgowns without sleeves or nightgowns with long sleeves. Maybe your girl likes frills, lace, and magical looking nightgowns. Your girl might like a particular animal, like a frog, monkey, owl, penguin, cat, dog, or horse. Browse our nightgown and nightshirt section and you will see a wide variety of choices that will meet the tastes of your girl.

Girl’s sleepwear on sale

Our girl’s sleepwear on sale also includes robes, slippers, and underwear. Robes are a great girl for a girl. Nothing is better in the evening, than taking a bath, drying off, and putting on a soft and warm bathrobe. The next best thing, is waking up on a cool morning and slipping on a toasty warm bath robe. We have traditional solid color robes in your girl’s favorite color. There are robes with animal prints, peace signs, hearts… you name it… you probably will be able to find the right robe for your girl in our girl’s sleepwear section.

Girl’s slippers come in a variety of sizing styles. There are infant slipper sizes, toddler slipper sizes, and kid slipper sizes. We try to give as much size information with each one of our girl’s slippers to make buying a good fitting slipper easier for you. Of course just like pajamas and robes, we have a huge assortment of slipper styles and designs. There are cartoon character slippers, animal slippers, fuzzy and furry slippers made just for girls. Looking for slippers with leopard spots or colored polka dots, for your tots? You can probably find them in our girl’s slipper section.

We have different styles of girl’s underwear as well. Browse our girl’s underwear section. You can find slim cut panties or one-piece union suit style of underwear. Our Lazy One union suits are very popular as Christmas gifts during the holiday season. As you browse our girl’s sleepwear section you will also see a whole area that is dedicated to holidays. You can see Christmas nightgowns, Christmas pajamas and other Christmas girl’s sleepwear. Click on this section to see girl’s sleepwear that is dedicated to your girl’s favorite holiday.

Just as Shakespeare wrote that men change as they age, he could have also written that girl’s change as they age. Whether your girl is an infant, toddler, or older girl, you will find the right type of girl’s sleepwear to match her tastes. Browse through our section and find great sleepwear for your girl today!

Happy Shopping!

The Murphy Family