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Girl’s Sleepover Spa Party Ideas

Girls sleepover spa party ideas

Girl’s love to look beautiful, so one of the best themes for a pajama party is a girl’s sleepover spa party. Because make up and some spa products are not safe for consumption, you will want to have an adult supervise everything. This can help to make sure the girls are safe and keep your house safe from nail polish or other things spilling during their fabulous girl’s spa sleepover party. With these girl’s sleepover spa party ideas, everyone may be able to have a great, and beautiful, time together.

Girl’s spa sleepover party game ideas

Before the girl’s spa sleepover party starts, buy each girl a pair of spa slippers for girls and a girl’s bath robe. This will help them to get excited, give them something fun to take home and help keep your floors from getting soaked. You can find a few styles below and we have discounted the prices depending on how many you order.

The Nail Polish Game – This one is fun and easy. Take a spinner from a different board game and put a different nail polish color on each wedge. Each girl takes a turn spinning and has to paint one nail whatever color it lands on. Once every girl’s nails are painted, you can take a funny photo with all of the fun colors.

Footbaths and Facials – Before the girls come over, ask their parents about allergies. If none of them have allergies, go out and find cheap masks that they can use. Next, take a tub and soak it with hypoallergenic bath beads, and you can even put in flower petals if no one is allergic. Then let them sit around and soak their feet after they have applied their masks. Not only is this a great way to keep them busy and having fun, but you can take a break and treat yourself to a mask as well. You may want to help apply the masks so that no one gets them in their eyes or mouth. You’ll also want to supervise since there will be water and you don’t want anyone to get hurt. Once they are done soaking their feet, have them each put on their spa slippers so that they don’t track water on your floor and have less chance of slipping.

The horror story and hair game – One thing that is always fun for a girl’s spa themed sleepover party is for everyone to do each other’s hair. Except in the horror story and hair game, instead of trying to make it look pretty, the girls give each other bad hair styles. Once each girl sees their horrible hair style, they can make up a horror story about why their hair is messed up. The girl with the best story wins.

Girl’s spa themed sleepover party food ideas

Creating fun food ideas for a girl’s spa sleepover party is almost as enjoyable as eating the food. You want to remember to make the food small and bite sized things that may be at a spa. Chocolate, sandwiches and cute designs are always a great option, unless there are allergies. Chocolate dipped fruit – Making chocolate dipped fruit is a perfect idea for a girl’s spa sleepover party. Create a double boiler by boiling water in a large pot and placing a heat and fire safe bowl inside of it. Then fill up the bowl with chocolate and when it melts, dip your favorite fruits in it. Set them on wax paper to dry so you can serve chocolate covered fruit while the kids enjoy their spa sleepover party for girls.

Lady bug snack bites – These are fun and healthy. Take small thick crackers or a French baguette and slice it then toast the slices. On top, place cream cheese and on top of that place a cherry tomato sliced in half. For a cute and tasty extra treat, you can also place a basil leaf under the tomato. Next take black icing and place little dots on the tomato to make ladybug spots. Then place a black olive in front of the tomato for the head. These are fun and silly snacks for the girls to eat while they are having their spa day.

Sparkling cider – Sparkling apple cider or sparkling grape juice can always be a great way to have a toast. Since it is non-alcoholic it is the perfect option to pretend to have champagne and celebrate the perfect spa themed sleepover party for girls.

Throwing the perfect spa themed sleepover party for girls is almost always fun for them. Just make sure to have bath robes and slippers to protect their clothing and your floors, and also to check for allergies before you serve food or use any beauty products. You can buy robes and slippers for the entire party below, and we have discounts ready depending on how many you need.