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Girl's Pajamas by Holiday

Girls love the Christmas holiday season and Valentine’s Day. They enjoy getting presents and they love celebrating these holidays with their friends and family. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are the two busiest holidays for sleepwear sales. Many customers have come to the realization that if you give a gift like a box of chocolates, that it will disappear and be gone in matter of hours. But, if you give a gift like holiday pajamas or nightgowns, this is a gift that can last year around.

What special characteristics make a pair of pajamas Christmas pajamas or Valentine’s Day pajamas? The answer is print and design. Christmas pajama designs can make a pair of pajamas look like a big gift wrapped present, like our Laura Dare red Christmas present pajamas for toddlers and girls. A girl’s nightgown has a special lace yoke design that looks classical and is another traditional Yuletide design. Red or Green bow appliques is another design feature for girls Christmas pajamas and nightgowns. Red or Pink bow appliques are common among Valentine’s Day girl’s pajamas and nightgowns.

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Girl’s Christmas pajamas and nightgowns prints fall into two broad categories, Christmas cartoon character prints and classical Yuletide prints. An example of a Christmas cartoon print would be the red penguin holiday nightgown for girls. This print has comical penguins wearing stocking caps, bow ties, and delivering Christmas presents. Other cartoon prints are cute snowmen, frolicking polar bears, candy canes and Christmas stockings. Traditional Yuletide prints are red and green plaid and blackwatch green and blue plaid. Tyrolean print pajamas and nightgowns are another Yuletide fabric print. Lanz of Salzburg, a boutique brand of pajamas, is famous for their Christmas Tyrolean print pajamas and nightgowns.

Valentine’s Day girl’s sleepwear is less about design and more about the prints because of the age of the audience. For adult women, Valentine’s Day is a lot about design, especially younger women. These adult Valentine’s Day designs are all about making younger women to look seductive. The two most popular colors for Valentine’s Day girls sleepwear is red and pink. There are red and pink plush bathrobes, red and pink nightgowns, and red and pink pajamas for girl’s Valentine’s Day sleepwear. These prints can be simple solid color prints or they can have pictures or words. Some examples of Valentine’s Day sleepwear printing are hearts, the word love, pictures of Valentine’s Day candies, or printed flowers. A popular Valentine’s Day gift is the Laura Dare red bow nightgown or the bright pink nightgown, because they have a Princess-like look. These Laura Dare Valentine’s Day gowns have puffy sleeves, tiered ruffled fabric, and ethereal looking sheer fabric that seems to float.

A popular Christmas gift combo or Valentine’s gift combo is purchasing pajamas and a bathrobe. You can purchase a nightgown and bathrobe together also. The benefit to this combo purchase strategy is that you will qualify for free shipping within the U.S. for all orders that are $40 or more. Remember that Christmas sleepwear and Valentine’s Day sleepwear is a gift that will last beyond the holidays and will last for the entire year.