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Girl's Pajamas by Brand

Our two most popular sleepwear brands for girls are Laura Dare and Lazy One brands.

Laura Dare Sleepwear
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Lazy One Pajamas for Girls
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Laura Dare and Lazy One Brand Sleepwear

Laura Dare is a boutique brand of sleepwear that is manufactured in the U.S.A. This Texas based company has been making quality sleepwear for over 65 years. Laura Dare manufactures infant size (3 months through 24 months) sleepwear. They also manufacture toddler size sleepwear (2T through 5T) and girl’s size sleepwear (4-16). Not every style will offer all these sizes but many of the styles do. The great thing about this huge size range is that you can buy matching pajamas for all the girls in your extended family. There are even some Laura Dare nightgowns and pajamas that have matching doll size nightgowns. What a great gift idea for your favorite little girl!

You can buy nightgowns or pajama sets made by Laura Dare. The nightgown styles range from simple elegance to frilly and princess-like. Some Laura Dare nightgowns feature puffy sheer fabric sleeves, tiered sheer fabric along the bottom hem, and an airy lilac sheer fabric outer layer that seems to be floating. These are wonderful nightgown for girls who love princess styles. Laura Dare makes the best holiday sleepwear styles for girl’s nightgowns and girl’s pajamas. There are Laura Dare red plaid nightgowns, pajamas with red Christmas stockings and snowflake prints, or pajamas with decorative appliques that make the pajamas look like a big wrapped gift.

Lazy One brand is a Northern Utah company located in the Rocky Mountains. Their outdoorsy location can be seen in the types of pajamas that they manufacture. Lazy One girl’s pajamas have prints with moose, bears, and other animals. Lazy One girl’s pajamas have a cute cartoon animal with a humorous caption printed on the pajamas. For example, one pair of pajamas features black bear sleeping on his stomach with his rear end up in the air (similar to the way a toddler might sleep). The caption below the sleeping bear reads Bearly Awake. Another pair of pajamas features a grumpy cartoon cow wearing fuzzy slippers. The caption reads I’m Mooody in the Morning! All the Lazy One Brand pajamas are 100% cotton, machine washable, and intentionally designed to fit snugly.

As you can see there is a wide variety of pajamas to choose from when considering both Laura Dare and Lazy One brands together. This sleeper wear choice ranges from princess nightgowns to humorous wildlife prints… from royalty to the Rockies!

There is free shipping within the United States for all orders that are $40 or more. With all the sleep wear choices provided by Laura Dare and Lazy One brands it is easy to qualify for the free shipping.