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Tips for Selecting the Best Footed Pajamas for Your Baby Girl: Footed sleepers are a great choice for cold climates or babies who constantly kick their blankets off at night. Are you concerned about keeping her warm enough? Choose a zip up, one-piece footed blanket sleeper. These soft, fleecy sleepers are perfect for cold climate. All of our baby girl's footed pajamas sizes 12 months and larger are made of flame resistant polyester. We carry a limited number of 100% cotton styles for smaller babies (6 months and under) only.

Infant Sleeper Pajamas

Have you had a hard time finding cute, affordable infant sleeper pajamas for your precious little ones? Everyone knows that infants have a personality of their own, and what better way for them to express their individuality than with sleeper pajamas for infants that are designed for comfort and style. These footed sleepers are perfect for infants that tend to kick throughout the night often leaving them uncovered. Plus, the polyester fabric does a great job of retaining warmth making them excellent for cold, winter months.

We offer a selection of both one-piece and two-piece sets. Our one-piece infant sleeper pajamas come with a zipper for easy access. On the other hand, our two-piece sleeper pajamas for infants allow you to quickly change diapers when needed. Both are made of flame resistant polyester and come in sizes above 12 months. However, if you are looking for pajamas for smaller babies we have a variety of cotton options as well for those 6 months and under.

Be sure to browse our large selection styles! We have everything from hearts and rainbows to plaid. You will also find novelty sets such as Minnie Mouse and Disney princesses among our infant sleeper pajamas. Search through our extensive collection to find the color and patterns that are perfect for your infant’s personality and interests. You cannot go wrong with our sleeper pajamas for infants. These adorable pajamas start as low as $8.99—an unbeatable price for such high quality pajamas for your adorable little angel.