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Always Safe
Always Secure carries a wide variety of animal slippers. Frog lovers will delight in our selection of funny green frog slippers. Choose from fuzzy slip on styles, styles that cover the entire foot, and children's styles. We have something to suit almost everyone.

Animal slippers are a practical way to keep your feet warm with a dash of fun. They are an inexpensive way to put a little fun into your life or to give a fun gift to a loved one.

We carry a wide array of animal slippers bunnies, cows, pig, monkeys, and frogs. Our selection of frog slippers includes fuzzy frog slip on styles. These are lightweight slippers with a moderate amount of padding in the sole. We also carry larger frog slippers by Happy Feet. These are priced at $24.99. These frog slippers cover the entire foot. The soles have a generous one inch deep padded sole. You will feel like you are walking on pillows!

Customers often ask how they should care for their new animal slippers. We recommend surface cleaning with a cloth. If the mark or stain is particularly stubborn, you might try some very gentle soap. We do not recommend putting your slippers in the washing machine.