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Footed Pajamas for Women

Women’s footed pajamas are some of the most popular styles you can buy. Your kids will love wearing a matching set and you’ll love getting to feel like you are their age when your mom was there to take care of you, bring you snacks while you watched tv or even tucked you into bed at night. The fun thing about buying footed pajamas for women is that they let you feel like a kid again.

You can pick up a few pairs of footie pjs for women and host a sleepover party for all of your girlfriends. You can theme it like you were in high school and go over your year book pictures and gossip like you used to. You can be more grown up and just relax with your favorite book and a glass of wine on the weekends if you want quiet time. One other nice thing about this styles is that you won’t need a blanket covering your arms making it harder to turn the pages of your book or set down your glass. Probably the best thing about having a pair of footed pajamas for women when you want to relax is that they are warm, comfortable and functional because you will have full mobility of your arms letting you enjoy your favorite snacks, books and other things when it is your time to finally relax.

How to find the right pair of footed pajamas for women

The first thing you should do when looking at womens footed pajamas is to figure out what fabric you should choose. If you want fleece but live in a warm area, you might get a bit to warm, so you should choose a pair made from cotton. If you are in a colder area, or one that changes seasonally, flannel could be perfect for you because you probably keep the temperature of your house pretty much the same year round. Luckily we have a ton of styles for you to choose from with each fabric, and if you keep your temperature even year round, none of the fabrics are a bad choice. The next thing to do is find a pattern or print that you enjoy.

Because we carry a ton of styles it can be hard to find the right pair of footed pajamas for women. What we recommend is you find something that will make you smile and feel like a kid. If you always loved pink as a kid, a solid pair of pink footed pajamas for women can be the perfect pair. If it is around the holidays, you cannot go wrong with a pair of plaid prints. If you want something fun that also stands out, we carry a women’s camo style of footie pjs. You will also find almost every solid color of women’s footed pajamas on our site, so no matter what your favorite color is, we have the perfect pair for you.

What Our Customers Say About Our Fun Footed Pajamas:
"My order was delivered sooner that I anticipated. When I tried on the pajamas, they fit perfectly and were so much prettier in "person" than in the picture. I bought them as a Halloween costume but I will definitely wear them to bed. They are comfortable and warm."