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Flannel pajamas for men are some of the most comfortable pjs you can buy. They look great year round and are not only for the holiday season. Made from a soft and warm cotton, you can find a ton of styles of plaid flannel pajamas for men from plaid and patterned to fun novelty prints. We carry a huge selection of colors and styles from many name brands including Hanes, Comfort Zone, State O Maine. Regardless if he likes bright colors or dark, plaid or plain, we have the perfect styles to keep him comfortable and warm throughout the night.
Sizing Information for Men's Flannel Pajamas: • Small = 28-30" waist, 34-36" chest ē Medium = 32-34" waist, 38-40 chest
• Large = 36-38" waist, 42-44" chest • Extra Large = 40-42" waist, 46-48" chest • 2X = 44-46" waist, 50-52" chest

How to buy mens flannel pajamas

Men can sometimes be even more picky when it comes to sleepwear than women. Because of this you have to think about who you are buying for and what they like. You also need to keep in mind that much like other fabrics made from cotton, mens flannel pajamas may shrink after you wash them the first time. Before he tries them for the first time, wash them so he knows how they will look and feel and so that he can instantly fall in love, instead of changing his mind if they do shrink a bit. Luckily, if you look at the size chart for mens flannel pajamas above, you will see that each pair is usually made for three sizes. That means that if they do end up shrinking a bit, chances are they will still look great and feel comfortable for him. When choosing a style or pattern, think about what his normal comfort clothes are.

If his favorite shirts are plaid, you may want to buy plaid flannel pajamas for men. If he likes solid colors or designs, you may want to think about buying a pair that is his favorite color or even has a fun print that would make him smile. You could also just stick with a pair of bottoms and let him match it with his favorite t-shirt. This is a great option for guys who do not like tops but love their lounge pants. After you have the pattern and design picked out, now just think about his favorite colors. Does he like light or dark colors and which colors are they. Now look through our selection or do a search for that color and mens flannel pajamas or any other variation and you will find the perfect pair of flannel pajamas for men that he will love and will keep him warm all night. Not only will he thank you for them, but he may stop hogging the cover on cold winter nights.