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Fleece Footed Pajamas for Women and Men

Feet Pajamas in Women's and Men's Sizes

These soft, warm fleece feet pajamas are sure to keep you warm all winter long.

Adult Fleece Footed Pajamas

Big feet, meet the fleece footie pajamas for adults. The kids have their own footed pajamas and sleepwear, so why not you too? The fleece material holds the temperature in while still allowing your body to breath. Just imagine how comfortable it would feel to slip into a set of adult fleece footed pajamas after a nice shower or bubble bath, then crawl under the covers and drift off into a nice sleepy dream. Our fun and exciting adult sized fleece footed pajamas are made in mens and womens styles and colors, so that anyone can wear them no matter what age. How fun!

Fleece footed pajamas for big kids and adults make a nice gift. If you know a guy who loves the outdoors, the camouflage ‘Green Camo’ Pajamas for men and women are a clever choice. You’ll find them in pink or green so both HE and SHE can wear fleece footie pajamas together. The colors are great for those who love the military or just like coolness of wearing camo. The adult fleece footed pajamas make for a unique and stylish way to stay nice and cozy in cold environments. Stay warm all night in more colors and sizes, like pretty pink, bright red, vibrant green or bold navy pajama wear.

Our Big Feet PJs series are available both for men and women and can be worn any time of the year. They have padded footies on the bottom of fleece footie pajama bottoms with elastic around the ankles. It’s easy to see why the adult fleece footed pajamas from Crazy for Bargains are gaining in popularity. After all, you loved wearing fleece footed pajamas as a child, so why not now? Of course when it comes to sleepwear for kids, adults and everyone, you can always come to Crazy for Bargains for loungewear and cozy apparel.