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You will love how cozy and warm you feel in a pair of flannel pajamas for adults. Enjoy staying warm on a cold winterís night or staying comfy-cozy in the summer. Flannel pajamas are perfect for year round comfort and are always in style.

If youíre ready to snuggle up with the person you love, or even a good book for me time, there is no better option than in a pair of flannel pajamas for adults. If you buy a couple pairs of flannel pajamas, or a matching set for the person you love, we offer free shipping on orders over $40 to help keep you and your wallet happy. Rest and relaxation are only a click away with your new pair of flannel pajamas for adults.

Grownups Love Flannel Pajamas for Adults!

Have you ever wondered what makes flannel pajamas so soft?

Flannel pajamas are made of a combination of cotton and wool. This fabulous material was invented in 17th century Wales when weavers wanted to create a fabric that combined the warmth of wool and comfort of cotton. The resulting material became all the rage, and quickly gained popularity around the world. You can find it in everything sleep related from bedding to flannel pajamas for adults. The comfort, warmth and cozy feeling you get when you wear flannel pajamas is like nothing else and something you wonít know you were missing until youíve tried your first pair. Flannel pajamas for adults come in enough solid colors and prints so everyone can find a pair for their unique and individual tastes. Whether it is a classic large plaid pattern, a fun novelty print or even smaller patterns that look like solid colors, we have the right style of flannel pajamas for adults that you and your loved one will cherish during a good nightís sleep.

Why You Cannot Buy Kids Flannel Pajamas

One thing youíll notice is there are no kids flannel pajamas on our site. The reason behind this is the fabric is not flame resistant making it unsafe fabric according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. (According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, all 100% cotton children's sleepwear sold in the U.S. must be snug fitting. They cannot be loose fitting like adult flannel pajamas as they are not made of a flame resistant fabric.) Because 100% cotton, loose-fitting flannel pajamas are not appropriate for kids, manufacturers had to come up with similar materials that can be just as comfortable but also meet government standards and regulations. Luckily for you, CrazyforBargains now has pjs that feel similar to the flannel pajamas for adults, but are made with kids comfort and safety in mind.